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State and Local Government Beats out Federal in Survey of Citizen Trust

Digital services had a strong impact on whether residents found governments trustworthy, according to the report from Deloitte.

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Vulnerabilities May Slow Air Force’s Adoption of Artificial Intelligence

More data on the battlefield means a wider attack surface, something the Defense Department has yet to prepare for, experts say.

CIO Briefing

Federal Contractors Must Show Proof of COVID-19 Vaccination by December 8

Companies doing business with the federal government must name a person to coordinate implementation and compliance with the vaccine mandate for covered employees.  

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Navigating the Future of V2X

Moving to a more connected and autonomous future. Learn more about the future of intelligent transportation.


What’s Next in Cybersecurity

In response to unprecedented attacks, the administration looks to better secure federal agencies and the data they hold. 

CIO Briefing

NASA’s Artemis Astronauts Could Catch a New Ride to the Launchpad

The space agency is in the market for a zero-emission vehicle that can fit at least eight, plus their gear.


How AI and Data Can Increase Resilience in the New Era of the Pandemic 

While we can’t stop crises from happening, we can find ways to use data to anticipate impact and help with recovery.

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How IT Operations Management Can Help Agencies Slay Their Silos

For any government agency, IT modernization and digital transformation are key components of mission success.

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CISA Releases Draft Guidance for Agencies’ Transition to IPv6

The document covers technical requirements for using the new internet protocol, as well as security considerations for the new format.

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Government Leadership at its Best: Meet the 2021 Teddy Award Winners

From introducing autonomous vehicles in the national parks to defending space, these leaders exemplify excellence.

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Learn to Use Data or Risk Dying in Battle, New Army Project Teaches

Project Ridgway pushes soldiers to use—and even create—the artificial-intelligence tools that will confer military advantage.

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House NDAA Includes Permanent UFO-Studying Office Within Pentagon

If the legislation clears the Senate as is, the new office would investigate military reports of unexplained incidents—and whether they’re linked to foreign threats.

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What Federal Employees Should Know About Their Pay If There Is a Shutdown at the End of This Month

Unlike previous closures, furloughed workers would be guaranteed retroactive compensation once government reopens. 

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The Best and Worst Places to Work in America

A nationwide ranking from a nonprofit group factors in state policies related to wages and worker protections.

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Biden Doubles the Size of the President’s Science and Technology Council

The group includes high-profile academics and industry representatives, including from Google and Microsoft.

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10 Universities Picked to Help HHS Build Up Health IT Workforce

The Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT announced $73 million in grants to support career training and job placement for 4,000 new health IT workers.

Emerging Tech

Air Force Reserve Command Prepares for 5G Boost

Verizon was recently selected to install capabilities on multiple military bases.