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Tom Shoop

Vice President and Editor in Chief

Tom Shoop is vice president and editor in chief at Government Executive Media Group, where he oversees both print and online editorial operations. He started as associate editor of Government Executive magazine in 1989; launched the company’s flagship website,, in 1996; and was named editor in chief in 2007.

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Hammered Out

February 1, 1999 n a recent issue of National Journal, reporter Sydney Freedberg wrote about the phenomenon of the $600 hammer, the icon of Defense Department waste and incompetence that inspired the Hammer Awards Vice President Al Gore hands out to agencies for improving their management practices. References to the ridiculously overpriced...

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Facts and Details

January 1, 1999 ight years ago, the Office of Government Ethics, in its infinite wisdom, decided to allow civil servants to let journalists take them to lunch--as long as lunch didn't cost more than $20. The Washington Post, in a tongue-in-cheek Style section piece, asked several prominent writers about the impact of...

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Big night at the polls for Democrats

November 4, 1998 Democrats are celebrating the surprisingly successful performance of their candidates around the country in yesterday's midterm congressional elections. Early this morning, major news outlets were projecting that while the GOP would retain control of the Senate, Democrats would gain five seats in the House. In the Senate, three Democratic...

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Senate fails to limit "acting" appointments

September 30, 1998 The Senate this week failed to pass a bill that would have placed strict limits on the President's authority to appoint officials to top federal jobs in an "acting" capacity. On Monday, Senate Democrats blocked an effort to limit debate on legislation proposed by Senate Governmental Affairs Committee Chairman...

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Agencies, employees on alert for terrorist attacks

August 21, 1998 Faced with the prospect of retaliation in the wake of U.S. cruise missile attacks on suspected terrorist targets in Afghanistan and Sudan, federal facilities and employees around the world are on heightened alert. According to an Associated Press report, the CIA has told senior Clinton administration officials that the...

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Stock sale of uranium agency approved

June 30, 1998 The Treasury Department has approved a plan to privatize the U.S. Enrichment Corp. through a public stock offering that could net the government more than $2 billion. Under the plan, USEC, which supplies enriched uranium for use in commercial nuclear power plants, would offer 100 million shares of stock...

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AmEx bows out of federal charge card race

May 4, 1998 The new, more competitive federal charge card business arena has apparently become too cutthroat for American Express. The company, citing profitability concerns, has announced that it will no longer compete for contracts with agencies to issue charge cards. Just two months ago, the General Services Administration selected American Express...

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USDA waives internal regs for reinventors

April 23, 1998 It didn't take long for agencies to respond to the Clinton Administration's order this week that they make it easier for employees to request waivers from internal rules and regulations. Deputy Agriculture Secretary Richard Rominger announced Wednesday at the Reinvention Revolution Conference that USDA was issuing a blanket waiver...

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Declaring Victory

January 28, 1998 Arguing that "the state of our union is strong," President Clinton declared a series of victories in the battle to reinvent government last night in his annual message to Congress. The President also renewed his pledge to balance the federal budget--possibly by the end of this fiscal year. President...

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The Organizer

November 5, 1997 At a funeral service Monday, John N. Sturdivant, president of the American Federation of Government Employees, was remembered as a mentor, teacher, visionary, friend and taskmaster--but most of all, as an extraordinary union organizer. "John's greatest ability was how he could bring people together in a common cause," said...