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Tim Fernholz

Tim Fernholz
Tim Fernholz covers state, business and society for Quartz.

SpaceX Takes its First Step Toward Selling Americans Internet From Space

SpaceX eventually hopes to have thousands of spacecraft beaming Internet back to Earth.

Emerging Tech

Watch SpaceX Launch its First Reusable Rocket to the International Space Station

This is the first time NASA has approved the use of a previously flown rocket booster on a mission to the space station.


Why Donald Trump Wants to Go Back to the Moon

It’s a promise that has been made by three previous presidents

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The US Is Funding Silicon Valley’s Space Industry to Spot North Korean Missiles Before They Fly

The U.S. military doesn’t have the information it needs to stop an attack by North Korea. But officials believe they know where to get it.

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U.S. Won't Launch a Military Space Corps—For Now

Russian and Chinese anti-satellite weapons testing has raised the profile of space conflict in recent years.

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Donald Trump’s New National Space Council is Already Baffling the Space Industry

Holding an untelevised event on the Friday before a holiday weekend isn’t a way to gin up popular support for a bold space agenda.

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For Trump’s Budget to Work, the US Will Need the Biggest Technology Boom Since World War II

In order to deliver both massive tax cuts and end U.S. borrowing within the decade, Trump’s budget forecasts the U.S. economy will grow at a real rate of more than 3 percent

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US Space Firms Tell Washington: China Will Take Over the Moon If You’re Not Careful

The US space industry is prodding the US government into refreshing its outdated laws on commercial activity beyond Earth.

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The Israeli Finalist in Google’s $20 Million Race to the Moon Won’t Make It to the Starting Line

The Google Lunar XPrize is a contest offering $20 million to the first private team to send a robot to the moon.