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Ross Gianfortune

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Prior to joining Government Executive’s staff, Ross Gianfortune worked at The Washington Post, The Gazette Newspapers, WXRT Radio and The Columbia Missourian. He holds a bachelor's degree in journalism from University of Missouri and a master's in communications from the American University.

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Play of the Day: ISIS Has a Better Online Operation Than Time Warner

8:00 AM ET Over the weekend, New Jersey governor and 2016 GOP hopeful Chris Christie visited the Italian-American Heritage Festival in Des Moines as part of an Iowa campaign swing. Christie's girth became the butt of jokes Tuesday on The Tonight Show as host Jimmy Fallon hit Christie about the trip. On The...

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Play of the Day: Selling Crack to the President

July 27, 2015 Recently, Republican Rep. Carlos Curbelo speculated that Donald Trump is not a real Republican candidate for president, but rather a plant from the Democrats to disrupt the GOP primary. The Tonight Show's Jimmy Fallon noted this development, joking that Trump is really just Bill Clinton in a bad wig. Last...

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Play of the Day: Donald Trump is All the GOP Candidates in One Man

July 24, 2015 The Obama administration says it is finalizing a plan to close the prison at Guantanamo Bay. Late Night's Seth Meyers has a suggestion for Gitmo: Put up a Radioshack sign and let nature takes its course. Donald Trump continues his campaign to the delight of late-night hosts. His visit to...

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Play of the Day: John Kasich is Mr. Excitement

July 23, 2015 Donald Trump continues to make headlines as the 2016 campaign continues. The Des Moines Register told the real estate mogul to drop out of the race, while his FEC filing caused Late Night's Seth Meyers to joke about Trump's various business interests. Ohio governor John Kasich entered the 2016 GOP...

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On His Final Daily Show Appearance, Obama Touts Feds, Efficient Government

July 22, 2015 President Obama made his seventh and final appearance with Jon Stewart Tuesday night before the comedian steps down from the show in August. Since 2005, the president has visited with The Daily Show to talk politics, tout the Affordable Care Act and talk about plans for his presidency. In a...

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Play of the Day: Lindsey Graham Should Probably Change His Phone Number

July 22, 2015 A month after the Confederate Flag controversy, Charleston saw dueling rallies at the South Carolina Capitol Building featuring the Ku Klux Klan and New Black Panther Party. The Nightly Show's Larry Wilmore joked about the bookings, comparing it to booking Bill Cosby at a narcolepsy convention. During a speech television...

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Play of the Day: Trump is Just Palin Redux

July 21, 2015 Barack Obama met this week with 110-year-old Emma Didlake, America's oldest living veteran. This prompted The Tonight Show's Jimmy Fallon to joke about the effects the stress of the presidency has had on Obama. Late-night hosts continue to highlight Donald Trump's comments about Senator John McCain, R-Ariz., from this weekend....

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Play of the Day: Donald Trump's Various Enemies

July 20, 2015 The Iran deal announced last week gave opportunity for the president to speak from a familiar spot in the White House, as Last Week Tonight's John Oliver noticed. Oliver also joked about Joe Biden's steely-eyed stare during the talk, comparing the vice president to a man who "wants to dance"...

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Play of the Day: Ted Cruz is a 'Big Fan' of Donald Trump

July 17, 2015 Thursday, Barack Obama was the first sitting president to visit a federal prison when he traveled to Oklahoma and toured the Federal Corrections Institution El Reno facility. Late Night's Seth Meyers noted the reaction on Fox News, saying they were disappointed that Obama was just visiting. Sometime GOP frontrunner Donald...

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How Many National Laboratories Can You Name?

July 16, 2015 The Energy Department operates national laboratories that house researchers in everything from nuclear fusion projects to biosciences to photon science to environmental science and work on renewable energy. The 17 facilities employ tens of thousands of federal employees and have multi-million dollar allotments in the federal budget, but are largely...