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Ross Gianfortune

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Prior to joining Government Executive’s staff, Ross Gianfortune worked at The Washington Post, The Gazette Newspapers, WXRT Radio and The Columbia Missourian. He holds a bachelor's degree in journalism from University of Missouri and a master's in communications from the American University.

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Play of the Day: The Gyrocopter Man and Other American Journeys

April 17, 2015 Florida mail carrier Doug Hughes was arrested Wednesday after he landed a one-man gyrocopter onto the grounds of the U.S. Capitol Building. Late-night television got to the story Thursday night, with The Nightly Show's Larry Wilmore accepting that Hughes' protest was effective once everyone started talking about campaign finance reform. ...

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Play of the Day: Clinton's Travels in Iowa

April 16, 2015 Wednesday marked the deadline to file taxes and The Late Show's David Letterman's staff brought out an animated 1040 form to let everyone in the audience know of the threat of federal prison for those who fail to file. Conan O'Brien joked about the 74,000-page tax code, mostly because he ...

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Play of the Day: The New, Relatable Hillary Clinton

April 15, 2015 The 2016 race for the White House is in full swing, as candidates jockey for position in primaries. Republican hopeful Jeb Bush welcomed some happy news with the birth of his fourth grandchild, with Conan O'Brien suggesting the baby will certainly run for president in 2048. Marco Rubio declared his ...

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Play of the Day: Hillary Clinton is the Mother of Dragons

April 14, 2015 The only political conversation on late-night television Monday was around Hillary Clinton's official announcement of her 2016 candidacy. Her video took particular heat from hosts, with The Daily Show's Jon Stewart saying she shared too much of the video's time with others and The Nightly Show's Larry Wilmore comparing it ...

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Video: John Oliver Wants Sympathy for Feds at IRS

April 13, 2015 In anticipation of Wednesday's Tax Day, Last Week Tonight's main story this week was an examination of the utility of the Internal Revenue Service. In the piece, host John Oliver pleaded for empathy for the tax agency workers, compared the agency to a very important (and very gross) part of ...

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Play of the Day: Hillary Clinton Tries to Connect with Voters

April 13, 2015 The 2016 presidential field is getting bigger and late-night TV is rounding into election shape. Real Time's Bill Maher noted American's thoughts about the vintage candidates -- Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush -- opposed to the new ones -- Ted Cruz and Rand Paul. The Tonight Show's Jimmy Fallon and ...

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Play of the Day: The Growing Legend of Diamond Joe

April 10, 2015 A new book is set to be released chronicling the lives of Bill and Hillary Clinton during their years in the White House. The tell-all reportedly mentions tension in the marriage, which gave Conan O'Brien occasion to suggest a title for the book. Speaking of the couple, Bill Clinton said ...

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Play of the Day: Fixing Rand Paul's Campaign

April 9, 2015 The National Basketball Association announced this week that it is putting on a four-day clinic in Cuba later this month. This marks the first American professional sports league to officially work with the nation since President Barack Obama announced the changes in Cuba policy in 2014. The Tonight Show's Jimmy ...

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Play of the Day: Rand Paul Wants to Unleash the American Dream

April 8, 2015 After seasons of the show, the CIA is happy that Claire Danes' character on Homeland will soon no longer work for the agency. A CIA twitter account retweeted a New York Times column bidding "good riddance" to the character's job status at the agency and, according to The Tonight Show, ...

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Play of the Day: Me Llamo Jeb

April 7, 2015 According to the White House, Monday's annual Easter Egg Roll was a rousing success. Conan O'Brien joked about recent Secret Service troubles at the White House, while Late Night's Seth Meyers commented on the possible reaction of Republicans. Mistake or not, the New York Times reported this week that 2016 ...