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Mike Murphy


Facebook Is Changing the Way it Handles Your Data—Here’s How

It’s the largest set of changes to Facebook’s terms of service in years.

Emerging Tech

You Can Now 3D-Print a House in Under a Day

It's fully up to code and permitted for people to inhabit.


The Source Code for the iPhone Leaked Online

Researchers believe the code to be real, and could be a significant security leak

Emerging Tech

Apple May Release Another Tiny Phone This Year

This could be good news for anyone who’s not a fan of how massive smartphones have become.

CIO Briefing

Twitter: We’re Not Going to Ban Donald Trump

The company reaffirmed it's somewhat unclear terms of service.

Emerging Tech

Everything Apple Will Be Working on in 2018

Will there be any gadgets that inspire a technological revolution?


Think Twice About Buying Internet-Connected Devices Off eBay

Buying a second hand gadget can potentially expose the user to some pretty extreme scenarios.

Emerging Tech

3D Printing Has Gone Metal

The fourth industrial revolution may well be back on.

Emerging Tech

Facebook Thinks So Little of Us

The new 'Explore Feed' might not be worth exploring.