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TSA's Plan to Keep US Airport Security Lines Moving Consists of More Tech, Fewer Humans

July 8, 2016 The Transportation Security Administration is proud of the painless July 4 holiday weekend at US airports—but it still sees room for improvement. The agency, working with American Airlines, says it will test out computed-tomography, or CT scanners, at a checkpoint in Phoenix at the end of the year. CT scanners...

Pilots Getting Equipped with This Newfangled Technology Called 'Text Messaging'

July 6, 2016 There’s going to be a lot more texting in cockpits across the U.S. But it’s no unsanctioned social media activity. Under the new Data Comm system, pilots receive flight plans, landing clearances and other instructions from air traffic controllers through a text message on a cockpit screen. Pilots confirm receipt...

from govexec

Frequent-Flyer Programs Are Too Complicated to Understand, the Transportation Department Has Concluded

June 22, 2016 Travelers befuddled by airlines’ frequent-flyer programs have company: the U.S. government. In order to “determine the availability of award tickets, carriers use complex algorithms that weigh numerous dynamic variables, and we are not confident that these processes could be summarized for effective use by consumers,” the Department of Transportation said...