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Eric Katz

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Eric Katz joined Government Executive in the summer of 2012 after graduating from The George Washington University, where he studied journalism and political science. He has written for his college newspaper and an online political news website and worked in a public affairs office for the Navy’s Military Sealift Command. Most recently, he worked for Financial Times, where he reported on national politics.

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USPS Is Recruiting a Firer-in-Chief

5:34 PM ET We’ve been down this road before. As mail volume has trended downward in recent years, the U.S. Postal Service has cut jobs. Lots of them. In 2005, USPS employed more than 700,000 people. It now has fewer than 500,000 workers. These reductions, postal management is always proud to note, have ...

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Congress Reaches Deal on Firing VA Senior Execs Immediately

3:59 PM ET House and Senate negotiators reached an agreement to ease the firing of senior executives at the Veterans Affairs Department, as part of a larger set of reforms to overhaul the troubled agency, lawmakers announced Monday. The compromise bill would allow the VA secretary to fire any Senior Executive Service employee ...

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Hiring Reform Bill Gains Momentum on Capitol Hill

July 25, 2014 A bipartisan pair of House members has introduced a bill to improve federal hiring by allowing agencies to share information on job applicants, joining several senators pushing the same reforms. Currently, agencies with similar hiring needs cannot share assessments of applicants with each other. The 2014 Competitive Service Act, introduced ...

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Consolidations Have Led to More Nighttime Mail Deliveries, Putting Letter Carriers in Danger

July 25, 2014 Letter carriers in the Washington, D.C., area are increasingly making nighttime deliveries, despite warnings from the U.S. Postal Service and union representatives of the dangers of doing so. The number of capital region city carriers returning from their routes after 5 p.m. spiked 14 percent between October 2010 and September ...

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House Panel Clears Bills in Hopes of Firing ‘Incompetent’ Execs, Record Manipulators

July 24, 2014 A House committee on Thursday advanced a measure that would make it easier for federal agencies to suspend or fire their senior executives, saying it would allow agencies to remove “incompetent” executives. The Senior Executive Service Accountability Act -- introduced by Rep. Tim Walberg, R-Mich. -- would bring sweeping changes ...

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Expedited Firing Is VA Chief’s No. 1 Priority, But Bill to Allow That Is in Limbo

July 24, 2014 The interim chief of the Veterans Affairs Department spoke repeatedly on Thursday of the need to clean house at the agency, saying only administrative red tape has prevented him from firing more employees. Also on Thursday, however, House-Senate negotiators took a significant step backward on reaching a compromise on a ...

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House Republicans Want to Make It Easier to Fire All Senior Executive Service Employees

July 23, 2014 House Republicans have put forward a new measure to ease the disciplining and firing of senior executives across government, saying the measure will bring increased accountability to agencies’ top career employees. The Senior Executive Service Accountability Act -- introduced by Rep. Tim Walberg, R-Mich., and cosponsored by House Oversight and ...

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Would Bringing SSA Into the 21st Century Kill 30,000 Jobs?

July 23, 2014 The Social Security Administration should consolidate its network of field offices and rely more heavily on automated and digital avenues for providing customer service, according to a new report that a union says would mean massive job cuts. The National Academy of Public Administration -- a congressionally chartered organization -- ...

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House Approves Bill to Reduce Pay for Many TSA Agents

July 22, 2014 The House on Tuesday approved a measure to strip many Transportation Security Administration employees of a designation qualifying them for additional compensation. The TSA Office of Inspection Accountability Act, introduced by Rep. Mark Sanford, R-S.C., would reclassify personnel in the Office of Inspection as non-law enforcement workers. As law enforcement ...

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Agencies and Union Square Off Over Outsourcing Plans

July 22, 2014 The National Park Service and the Coast Guard say they will hire contractors for positions typically filled by civilian employees, something a federal union says is illegal. Both agencies say they are within their legal rights. Under federal law, agencies are prohibited from contracting out certain functions performed by civilian ...