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All the New Software Amazon Announced at Its Huge Developer Conference

Amazon is trying to make artificial intelligence services a cornerstone of its quickly-growing cloud business.

CIO Briefing

Stanford Trained AI to Diagnose Pneumonia Better Than a Radiologist in Just Two Months

There’s a clear trend that having more data makes it easier to train artificial intelligence.

CIO Briefing

More Than 50 Experts Just Told DHS That Using AI for “Extreme Vetting” Is Dangerously Misguided

The controversial program, which hasn’t yet been implemented, would screen digital information to determine whether a person is fit to stay in the United States.

Emerging Tech

The Field of AI Research Is About to Get Way Bigger Than Code

When it comes to developing artificial intelligence, the largest technology companies in the world are all-in.

Emerging Tech

If the US Government Can’t Explain AI’s Decisions It Shouldn’t Use It

Nearly 250 years in, there’s a new force at work on the North American continent whose decisions can’t be explained.


Five Privacy and Security Concerns About Apple’s New FaceID Facial Recognition

This technology is meant to be the successor to the iPhone fingerprint scanner.


Using AI to Identify Protestors Hiding Behind Hats or Scarves Is Entirely Possible

Artificial intelligence is giving rise to unprecedented capabilities for surveillance.

CIO Briefing

Vladimir Putin Believes Artificial Intelligence Could Lead to Global Monopolies and Drone Wars

Russian companies have been actively researching autonomous weapons, such as drones, robots and missiles, which would be able to pick targets and fire on their own.

Emerging Tech

Google Finally Admits You Don’t Need Special Hardware for Augmented Reality

The tech company officially killed the idea of special sensors for AR phones.