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Charles S. Clark

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Charlie Clark joined Government Executive in the fall of 2009. He has been on staff at The Washington Post, Congressional Quarterly, National Journal, Time-Life Books, Tax Analysts, the Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges, and the National Center on Education and the Economy. He has written or edited online news, daily news stories, long features, wire copy, magazines, books and organizational media strategies.

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Border Crisis Creates Record Case Backlog at Immigration Courts

July 9, 2014 As President Obama traveled to Texas to confront the continuing border crisis, a Justice Department official told senators that the number of cases pending before U.S. immigration review courts had swelled to a record high of 375,373. The surge of some 57,000 unaccompanied children arriving at the southwestern border in ...

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The Man Behind the Anonymous Critiques of U.S. International Broadcasting

July 8, 2014 The headlines scream of government dysfunction: “Bad Management Threatens Voice of America’s Future,” and “Broadcasting Board of Governors Has Let America and Obama Down,” are among the most recent and tactful. Such blasts appear daily on, a three-year-old online compendium of mostly anonymous critiques of how the Washington-based BBG ...

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Five Agencies Stand to Gain from Obama Request for New Border Funds

July 8, 2014 This story has been updated. Following a shift in tone toward greater use of deportations, President Obama on Tuesday sent Congress a $3.7 billion supplemental appropriations request that would bolster efforts by five agencies to address the Southwestern border crisis caused by the arrival of thousands of unaccompanied minors from ...

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DHS Headquarters Consolidation At Risk of Getting Even More Behind Schedule

July 7, 2014 The long-delayed post-9/11 consolidation of Homeland Security Department offices on the St. Elizabeths Southeast Washington campus is threatened with further holdups, according to early indicators in the fiscal 2015 appropriations process. Though no floor votes have been taken, the House Appropriations Committee’s version of the Homeland Security spending bill would ...

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Agencies Defend New Contract for Firm That Vetted Snowden and Navy Yard Shooter

July 3, 2014 The Homeland Security Department has hired a contractor to perform immigration services at a time when the company is being sued by the Justice Department and is under attack on Capitol Hill for awarding bonuses to executives who are accused of delivering incomplete security clearance background checks to the government. ...

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Commerce, Prisons Bureau at High Risk for Losing Email

July 3, 2014 The National Archives and Records Administration since 2013 has been directing, surveying and training agency employees in the use of its records management program called Capstone. An Archives spokeswoman told Government Executive, “The preservation of all federal records by agencies is an ongoing priority for the National Archives. Electronic Records ...

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Vanishing Email Isn’t Just an IRS Problem

July 3, 2014 Among the many sideshows in the year-old dispute over alleged politicization of the Internal Revenue Service was the June 24 testimony at a House hearing that the embattled tax agency “did not follow the law” in reporting a computer crash and lost emails. During contentious questioning over the lost emails ...

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IRS Employees Were Able to Log Work Hours During Shutdown Furloughs

July 3, 2014 The agency that requires millions of Americans to submit accurate annual tax information has itself neglected to prepare financial statements with sufficient internal controls, leading to inaccuracies on its payroll, among other areas, the Government Accountability Office determined. The Internal Revenue Service’s “significant” bookkeeping omissions in its fiscal 2013 statement ...

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Will an Obscure Pentagon Small Business Program Live On?

July 2, 2014 Deep in the bowels of the Pentagon is a 25-year-old research project designed to test a new way of encouraging large contractors to pass along some of their work to small businesses. Known as the Comprehensive Subcontracting Plan Test Program, it was set up in 1990 to “determine if comprehensive ...

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Prisoners, Noncitizens and High Earners At Risk of Getting Obamacare Subsidies

July 1, 2014 Federal and state-based health insurance exchanges lack sufficient internal controls to prevent ineligible applicants -- such as noncitizens or people who earn too much to qualify for subsidies -- from signing up for benefits under the Affordable Care Act, a watchdog reported. In a pair of reports based on reviews ...