What Does IT Modernization Actually Mean to Federal Tech Leaders?

IT leaders from HHS, NARA, NASA and the ATF discuss what technology upgrades would look like for their agencies.

The 4 Biggest Trends in Federal IT in 2017

Cybersecurity, IT modernization, shared services and a changing of the guard in leadership dominated the federal technology landscape in the first year of the Trump administration.

Go Beyond IT Modernization to Boost Cybersecurity, DHS Official Says

Agencies need to update IT governance and procurement to be based on mission risks, according to the Department of Homeland Security's Jeanette Manfra.

Want AI to Take Off at Your Agency? Get Beyond the Hype

Artificial intelligence could eventually have a major impact on government operations, but that could be blinding IT leaders to near-term use cases.

How Open Source Tech Helps Feds Solve Workforce Turnover Issues

As older federal IT workers retire, agencies can turn to open source technologies to help them preserve knowledge automation systems, gain flexibility and create a new agency culture.

Why SDN Is Hot at the Pentagon

The Defense Information Systems Agency sees software-defined networking as more secure and less costly, and is banking on it for the future.

Why Identity as a Service Might Make Remembering Passwords a Thing of the Past

Outsourcing identity management can help agencies enhance security, efficiency and user experience.

How Agencies Can Use the MGT Act to Transform Their IT Architecture

Policymakers are increasingly interested in a technology fund as a way to pay for digital transformation efforts.

A Teenage Hacker Gives Cybersecurity Advice to the DOD and Other Agencies

Agencies need to bring transparency to the cybersecurity process and hire staffers who will proactively search for vulnerabilities, a young hacker advises.

Pentagon's Streamlined IT Service Provider Boosts Efficiency

The Joint Service Provider, now part of the Defense Information Systems Agency, is already improving how the Defense Department buys and manages IT.

ELC 2017: Feds Urge More Sharing and Collaboration to Improve Tech

Agencies should embrace shared services and more efficient IT procurement methods to upgrade technology and save money, officials say.

What Feds Can Learn from the Cyberattacks in France

Deception technology can help agencies thwart breaches and catch attackers before they cover their tracks.

The Tools the Government Uses to Keep Its IT Evergreen

With Windows 10 and Software as a Service, feds work to keep their systems perpetually up to date.

DOD Embraces Tablets to Engage Users and Drive Efficiencies

The Navy, Air Force and Marines use tablets to improve training for recruits, reduce the usage of paper forms and even keep soldiers safe on the battlefield.

The Race Is On to Protect Feds' Laptops and Mobile Devices

Endpoint protection is a priority for security professionals who need to lock down agencies' devices.

Even the Most Tight-Lipped Agencies Need Wi-Fi

Wireless networking is popping up in a place employees never expected to find it: federal buildings.

Windows 10 Can Give the Coast Guard a Virtualized Future

The service branch thinks it can enhance its cybersecurity posture via virtual desktop infrastructure.

DOD, HHS Recommend Collaboration with Industry to Fight Ransomware

Information sharing on cybersecurity threats can help agencies stay ahead of malicious actors, officials argue.

Why Intelligence Agencies Are So Interested in AI

Artificial intelligence technologies enhance analysts’ capabilities, but there will always be a need for the human element.