Lax Census Background Checks Could OK ‘Unfit’ Employees for 2020

Part of the problem is the type of contract the agency used to vet the temporary workers who handle the data, the inspector general found.

Antiquated Security Clearance Process Earns a Spot on the GAO’s High-Risk List

The hackable technology and outdated screening methods used in the clearance process merit its return to the government’s list of most vulnerable programs.

Congress' Week: Data Breaches, Kaspersky and Murderers with Security Clearances

Amid tackling a series of high-profile data breaches, Congress moved along important IT legislation and aims to address whether criminals are actually getting temporary security clearances.

If You Fall for a Phishing Scam, Should You Lose Your Security Clearance?

CISOs are concerned about how frequently even senior-level federal employees fall for the bogus emails.