The Dangerous Data Hack That You Won’t Even Notice

By focusing only on hackers’ efforts to extort money or mess with our political process, we may have been missing what is potentially an even scarier possibility.

Ransomware Stops Car Factory, Phones Spy on Activists and 198M Voters' Info Leak

WannaCry continues to cause problems while some question the ethics of selling spyware to governments.

4 Internet Crimes Trends to Know

The crime may be virtual, but the losses are not.

WannaCry Gives HHS’ Cyber Threat Center a Real-World Test

Agency opted to respond to a cyberattack like it would a natural disaster.

Health Data Security Tops HHS' List of Challenges

Trump’s proposed budget adds an additional $22 million to Health and Human Services cyber initiatives.

Safe From WannaCry? Thank the Government.

DHS secretary describes an active government campaign to limit the virus’ spread.

Victims of the WannaCry Ransomware Attacks Have Stopped Paying Up

The ransomware affected nearly 300,000 computers across the globe.

Bill Aims to Clarify When and How the Government Discloses Software Vulnerabilities

The Protecting our Ability To Counter Hacking, or PATCH, Act, is an effort to balance “national security and general cybersecurity,” said a senator.

Stop Blaming NSA for the Ransomware Attack

An inside look at how the intelligence community deals with the exploitable software bugs it finds.

Cyberwar Is Officially Crossing Over Into the Real World

Online warfare already wreaks havoc on the physical world, and it's only going to get worse.

Ransomware is Spreading Like Worms: Are You Ready?

The WannaCry outbreak should be scary. Here are tips to prevent falling victim to the next wave.

Who Are the Biggest Payers to Global Ransomware Hackers?

All bitcoin transactions are permanently recorded on the blockchain, and anyone can view them.

White House: No U.S. Federal Systems Hit By WannaCry Ransomware

The attack also appears to have spared critical U.S. infrastructure such as energy plants and dams.

Cybersecurity So Bad, It Makes You WannaCry

There are many interesting elements about the ransomware attack, the biggest being the tools to stop it were readily available.

Global Ransomware Attack Is Much Bigger Than It First Appeared

A dozen countries were hit in a cyberattack Friday. Such attacks have increased by more than 500 percent in recent years