DHS Funds Tech to Root Out Malware in Government Mobile Apps

The tool, developed with Red Hat, is one of several the department is touting at the RSA Cybersecurity conference.

Here’s Your Federal RSA Rundown

Officials from DHS, DARPA and NIST are all on the docket.

Huawei Pushes Back On FCC Efforts to Bar It From U.S. Networks

FCC’s concerns Huawei is a Chinese spying tool are unfounded and based in rumor, the company said.

How to Practice Cybersecurity With The Whole Family

Kids are often more concerned with Minecraft than malware.

Facebook's Ideological Imperialism

Andrew Bosworth’s memo may seem insidious, but its logic used to be very popular.

Google Has Made it Official: The Internet Is Now Mobile-First

This may go down in history as the week the mobile web became the web.

Android Phone Users, Facebook Was Tracking Your Calls And Texts

Android users may have given Facebook access to this data unknowingly.

What Federal Mobile Security is Missing

We need to rethink our approach to fighting foreign cyber threats.

Local Officials to FCC: We’re Not the Ones Impeding 5G

A group of mostly mayors encouraged the Federal Communications Commission to refocus its efforts on new broadband investment, instead of preempting their oversight of public rights of way.

5G Faceoff on Capitol Hill

Localities want more of a say in broadband policymaking. The U.S. wireless industry wants to win its race with China.

TSA Sued Over Electronic Devices Screenings

The American Civil Liberties Union wants to know the agency's intentions behind searching domestic travelers' devices

FAA Expands Instant-Approval Flight Plan Program for Drones

Once deployed, the system would authorize drone flights in minutes instead of months.