DHS Funds Tech to Root Out Malware in Government Mobile Apps

The tool, developed with Red Hat, is one of several the department is touting at the RSA Cybersecurity conference.

DHS Secretary Promises U.S. Will Strike Back Against Cyber Adversaries

“Complacency is being replaced by consequences,” Kirstjen Nielsen said.

The Homeland Security Department Just Hired a UK Firm of 20 People to Help With Border Security

iProov will roll out its biometric facial verification technology to help U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

DHS Might Provide Cyber Services Directly To Industry Under New Strategy

The program is a response to a worsening cyber threat environment, Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen told reporters.

Here’s Your Federal RSA Rundown

Officials from DHS, DARPA and NIST are all on the docket.

DHS Is Falling Short on Securing Its Classified Intelligence Systems

The department isn’t effectively managing continuous monitoring, the auditor said.

Here’s What Government Gets Wrong About Bug Bounties

Congress has gone bananas for bug bounties, but they may not always be the right choice.

White House Lags Far Behind on Email Security Benchmark

The White House has not installed the DMARC security tool on 18 out of its 26 email domains.

Customs Needs A Vendor To Manage Financial IT In And Out Of Agency Borders

Customs and Border Protection is looking for information on a single vendor to support its financial systems and prepare to become a shared services center.

General Dynamics’ Acquisition of CSRA Is An Even Bigger Deal Than You Thought

If General Dynamics’ $9.7 billion acquisition of CSRA goes forward, the company will be the federal government’s largest technology services provider by a wide margin.

U.S. Seeks to Dismiss Kaspersky Suit Against Legislative Ban

The government filed motions to dismiss two Kaspersky lawsuits Monday, challenging legal and administrative bans.

The Scary New Contracting Model That Isn’t Scary or New

“Other Transaction Authorities” might seem like a risky new acquisition method, but it’s been around longer than the Federal Acquisition Regulation.

DHS Commercialized A Tool That Applies AI To Pharmaceutical Research

It comes as the seventh piece of tech the agency shepherded from lab to the marketplace this year.

Spending Bill Boosts Election Security, Clarifies Overseas Data Warrants

The bill also requires supply chain reviews for cyber risk at some agencies.

5 Big Takeaways From Senate Intel's Election Security Investigation

The bottom line is future elections are in danger of Russian meddling and we haven’t done enough to secure them.

TSA Sued Over Electronic Devices Screenings

The American Civil Liberties Union wants to know the agency's intentions behind searching domestic travelers' devices

How the Government’s Cyber Agency Rates on Cybersecurity

The annual FISMA report shows where the Homeland Security Department—the government’s point agency on cyber issues—can improve its own information security.

Congress Checks In On Modernizing Government Technology Act Progress

The Homeland Security reauthorization bill advances but loses an amendment on election security.