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NIST’s Physical Security Falls Short, Undercover Audit Finds

October 11 Auditors gained unauthorized access to secured parts of NIST buildings where they could have infected computers or caused physical damage.

U.S. Government’s Hurricane-Hunting Satellite Scheduled to Launch Next Month

October 11 NOAA's sending a high-powered replacement into space to boost its weather forecasting capabilities.

Customer Experience Bills Pose Hidden Risks for Citizens

October 11 A section of the bills calls for anonymizing data, but that could prevent some agencies from helping with their outreach missions.

Trump's NASA Pivot

October 11 His administration has made the moon a destination, not just a pit stop, on the way to Mars.

We Say We Want Data Privacy—Then Researchers Put Free Pizza in Front of Us

October 11 People say they want to protect their personal information, but new research shows privacy tends to take a backseat to convenience and entertainment.

Getting the Most Out of Data Centers

October 11 Lessons learned from federal agencies as they shutter old systems.

Defense Contractors Could Face Pay-Back Clause for Losing Bid Protests

October 10 Incumbent contractors that lose a bid protest may end up footing the bill for the government's costs.

A Law is Expiring That Allows Ethical Hackers to Help Protect U.S. Elections

October 10 Renewing a Digital Millennium Copyright Act exemption for ethical hacking is vital for election security, researchers say.

FCC Approves Google's Project Loon to Go to Puerto Rico

October 10 Giant floating balloons could help Puerto Rico communicate again.