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House Cyber Leader Wants to Give Equifax the Kaspersky Treatment

October 5 Rep. John Ratcliffe wants DHS to issue a binding operational directive to end a $7 million Equifax contract with IRS.

FBI’s Cyber Strategy: Shame The Hackers

October 5 The agency is trying to take a more preventive, and not a reactive, security strategy.

What You Should Do About Your Yahoo Account

October 4 There are a few steps you can take.

Senate Intel Leaders Slam DHS Communication with State Election Officials

October 4 An intelligence policy bill would mandate security clearances for top state election officials to aid cyber information sharing.

How to Improve Battery Life for iPhones with iOS 11

October 4 The new operating system requires a lot of power.

The White House's Cyber Tool Wish List

October 4 Acting Federal Chief Information Security Officer Grant Schneider pushed for tools that are easy to use but can share threat info in real time.

The Pentagon Has the World’s Largest Logistics Problem. Blockchain Can Help

October 4 DoD should join other logistics-heavy organizations in experimenting with the cryptography-messaging-accounting technology that powers Bitcoin.

Can the Government’s Buying Power Create a More Secure Internet of Things?

October 4 Device manufacturers still determine how they secure their gadgets, but legislation could push industry in a more secure direction, experts tell the House ...

Survey: Facebook Is the Big Tech Company That People Trust Least

October 4 Consumers nevertheless do entrust Facebook with information about themselves every day.

IRS Explains Why It Gave Equifax a $7 Million Contract After Breach

October 4 The contract was awarded without any competition.