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How Google Home Can Help You Find Your Lost Smartphone

October 12 Digital assistant to the rescue!

Americans Distrust Driverless Cars, and Silicon Valley is on a Mission to Win Them Over

October 12 The vehicles won't sell without willing customers

Lawmakers Want Answers on 'Unacceptable' Security Clearance Backlog

October 12 OPM and Defense Department argue over which is better able to oversee the clearance process.

Tim Cook Says It’s Better to Learn to Code Than Learn English as a Second Language

October 12 He added that programming encourages students of all disciplines to be inventive and experimental.

Drones Let Scientists Get Inside Humpback Whale Blowholes

October 12 These flying drones, got much closer to these whales than humans typically can.

How to Give Your Older iPhone a Speed Boost

October 11 Faster iPhones make for happier users.

House Passes FITARA Enhancement Act

October 11 The bill, which passed 418 to 0, would get rid of some of the sunsetting provisions of the original FITARA.

Trump to Pick Kelly Deputy for Top Homeland Security Post

October 11 Kirstjen Nielsen, a cybersecurity expert, was formerly DHS chief of staff.

NIST’s Physical Security Falls Short, Undercover Audit Finds

October 11 Auditors gained unauthorized access to secured parts of NIST buildings where they could have infected computers or caused physical damage.

U.S. Government’s Hurricane-Hunting Satellite Scheduled to Launch Next Month

October 11 NOAA's sending a high-powered replacement into space to boost its weather forecasting capabilities.