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Congress' Week: Data Breaches, Kaspersky and Murderers with Security Clearances

October 6 Amid tackling a series of high-profile data breaches, Congress moved along important IT legislation and aims to address whether criminals are actually ...

Pentagon: We’ll Keep Buying Software That Russian Spies have Looked Through

October 6 The U.S. military will still buy consumer-off-the-shelf products from several tech companies that allowed Russia’s Federal Security Service, or FSB, an ...

GAO to IRS: Actually, You Didn't Have to Give Equifax a Contract

October 6 Despite what IRS officials told Congress, the IRS did not have to continue using Equifax services in a bridge contract, a GAO official said.

The City Likely to Win Amazon’s HQ2 is Already a Winner—And That’s a Problem for America

October 6 Cities have been bending over backwards in attempts to woo the tech giant.

AOL Instant Messenger to World: 'Goodbye!'

October 6 The iconic chat service puts up its final away message.

Bill Targeting Security Clearance Backlog Advances in Senate

October 6 The legislation would reinstate backlog reporting, plus push agencies to honor each other's clearances and implement continuous monitoring.

Without Automation, There is No Federal IT Modernization

October 6 But making automation a reality will be a challenge.

How Sputnik Launched an Era of Technological Fragility

October 6 Sixty years after the historic achievement, a world without satellites seems difficult to imagine.

The Computer That Predicted the U.S. Would Win the Vietnam War

October 6 A cautionary tale about the dangers of big data

There’s Now a Robot You Can Eat

October 5 Researchers hope that one day these bots could 'repair us from the inside'