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A New Survey Reveals That Most Men in Tech Don’t Think Sexism Is a Big Deal

October 15 The results neatly follow the patterns seen in the perceptions of gender discrimination in society as a whole.

US Government Agencies Are Buying Ads on Facebook—in Russian

October 14 Basically everyone can buy ads on the platform to push their agenda.

House Boosts Federal Bonuses, Aims to Protect Social Security Numbers And Oh Russia

October 13 The House also passed a bill to tweak and extend FITARA's rule on data centers.

What NIST Suggests Instead of Passwords

October 13 A more secure option.

House Bill Would Allow Companies to Hack Back—With Limits

October 13 The bill would let hacked companies steal back or destroy their files but not cause exact retribution on hackers.

NASCIO: Federal Compliance Exercises Are Hindering State IT

October 13 Yejin Cooke, NASCIO’s director of government affairs, is getting the word out on why federal data security rules are holding back innovation—and even ...

Your Next Head of Lettuce, Grown By a Robot

October 13 The farm meets the startup.

FirstNet Seeks Disaster Response Apps

October 13 Developers can submit their emergency response-themed apps for review for the networks' app store.

Here’s How to Make Patching Security Holes Easier For Everyone

October 13 Enterprise patch management is hard, but here's one way to tackle bring-your-own-device security issues.

IRS Suspends $7 Million Equifax Contract

October 13 The suspension comes after additional security incidents at Equifax.