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Federal Blockchain Projects Face a Familiar Talent Problem

September 20 The General Services Administration has a proof-of-concept project underway and a hurdle.

Change these IOS 11 Settings Immediately

September 20 An updated operating system gives users more choices.

Judge Tosses OPM Breach Lawsuits, Plaintiffs Appeal

September 20 Breached employees can’t show they were actually damaged, the federal judge said.

Symantec CEO: Get Commercial Software Off National Security Systems

September 20 The anti-virus exec praised U.S. officials who booted Kaspersky off government systems but stopped short of directly criticizing his competitor.

Is Trump's 'Wiretap' Claim Vindicated?

September 20 The president’s defenders say reported surveillance of Paul Manafort justifies an accusation against Barack Obama, but they overstate the facts.

Lockheed Martin Tops Federal IT Rankings

September 20 IDC Government's latest report features a lot of the old guard but recent mergers and acquisitions could shake things up.

The Smartphone App That Tells You An Earthquake Is About to Hit

September 20 A deadly quake in Central Mexico on Tuesday was yet another test for the country’s sophisticated earthquake warning system.

It's Time Agencies Rethink the Citizen

September 20 Are agencies thinking about citizen engagement the right way?

Experts Warn Congress Anti-Sex Trafficking Bill Could Backfire

September 19 The well-meaning bill could have several unintended consequences, advocates testified to a Senate panel.