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You're Turning Off Wi-fi and Bluetooth Wrong

September 21 You could still be connected and not know it.

What’s Blockchain’s Role In The Public Good?

September 21 A nonprofit partnership is looking for ways the decentralized ledger system can benefit society.

Meet the 17-Year-Old Who Hacked the U.S. Air Force

September 21 Chicago high school senior Jack Cable moonlights as an ethical hacker.

Facebook's New 'AI Camera' Team Wants to Add a Layer to the World

September 21 The most important technological advances of the past decade are converging inside the battle for your phone’s camera.

Hackers Broke Into SEC Computer Systems and May Have Traded on the Stolen Information

September 21 The agency said that criminals exploited a software vulnerability in its filing system.

Veterans Affairs CIO Stepping Down

September 21 After another high-profile departure, there are 11 acting CIOs across the 24 CFO Act agencies.

You Can Now Take an Online Course to Learn How to Build a Flying or Self-Driving Car

September 21 The courses are designed for people with minimal coding experience.

Vint Cerf's Think Tank: Internet Rulemaking Is Going to Get More Complicated

September 21 The nonprofit recommends governments work with each other—and the rest of society—to craft internet regulations.

Federal Blockchain Projects Face a Familiar Talent Problem

September 20 The General Services Administration has a proof-of-concept project underway and a hurdle.

Change these IOS 11 Settings Immediately

September 20 An updated operating system gives users more choices.