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The Coming Software Apocalypse

September 26 A small group of programmers wants to change how we code—before catastrophe strikes.

State Plans to Elevate Cyber Mission, Despite Shuttering Dedicated Office

September 26 The claim comes after the department downgraded its main cyber diplomacy office.

North Korea May Be Mining Bitcoin in Addition to Hacking It

September 26 The rogue regime may have found a new use for its idle coal supplies.

Silicon Valley and Governments Have to Play Nice If We Want to Save the World

September 26 Technology doesn’t always cooperate with us when we want it to. And sometimes governments don’t want to cooperate with it, either.

What, Exactly, Were Russians Trying to Do With Those Facebook Ads?

September 26 From what we know now, it was too small to seriously influence the election, but too big to be an afterthought.

Trump Aide Says Modernizing Federal IT is Administration’s Cold War Moment

September 25 Will the government's technology challenges galvanize decision-makers as the Cold War once did?

Survey: Most CIOs Say a Majority of Their Applications Are Out of Date

September 25 About 72 percent of federal chief information officers said the majority of applications in their agencies are legacy systems, a new survey finds.

Rep. Hurd’s Solution For Tech Talent Shortage: 10 Day Tours of Duty

September 25 The Cyber National Guard could provide a constant stream of short-term talent, the lawmaker says.

Microsoft and Facebook's New Massive Undersea Data Cable

September 25 It's the highest-capacity subsea cable to cross the Atlantic.

Updated: Government Agencies Not Compromised in Deloitte Breach

September 25 The breach affected an email system that included information from several markets.