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Seven US States Were Too Small to Even Apply for Amazon’s HQ2. (Two Others Tried Anyway.)

October 26 Amazon is looking for a metro area of more than 1 million people.

5 Ways Government Can Shift From Spinning Out Tech to Spinning It In

October 26 The U.S. government has unique tools to attract innovators and acquire technology as its traditional influence over R&D and technology markets shrinks.

How Do You Regulate a Self-Improving Algorithm?

October 25 For health care, the answer is a matter of life and death.

Do You Trust Amazon to Enter Your House?

October 25 The online retailer unveiled an app that would allow delivery drivers access inside your house to drop off packages.

Survey: Cities Rely on Federal Data—And That Worries Them

October 25 Local officials consider federal data “very important” but they’re concerned about how it will be updated less frequently.

GSA Launches Guide for Tech-Curious Agencies

October 25 The online resource focuses on practical applications of emerging technologies.

Watchdog: Feds Don’t Do Enough to Stop H-1B Visa Fraud

October 25 The Homeland Security Department’s inspector general warned USCIS that shoddy site-visits might let companies replace American workers with lower-paid ...

Bill Calls for Cyber Training for House Lawmakers

October 25 Staffers are currently required to undergo cybersecurity training, but members aren’t.

The True Cost of the iPhone X, Based on What You Actually Earn

October 25 With the iPhone X, we have entered a new age of ultra-premium smartphones.

The End of Ron Burgundy? FCC Kills Local Newsroom Requirement

October 25 Expect significant repercussions for state and local policy, politics and emergency response.