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What’s the Federal Government’s Role in Smart Cities?

October 30 A D.C. research and advocacy group says high tech infrastructure can’t be just a local project.

DHS is Too Slow to Share Cyber Threat Info, Companies Say

October 30 Homeland Security threat information is too slow to arrive and sometimes outdated, three out of six industry representatives said.

Apple Versus Google: Whose New Phone is Better?

October 30 Oh the torment of which new device to choose.

The Urgent Case for IoT Security Training for Civilian Agencies

October 30 Civilian agencies could learn a thing or two from the military's cyber culture.

The Networking Faux Pas Almost Everyone Makes

October 30 Success often hinges on our ability to make connections with people we don’t yet know.

Who Are Paul Manafort and Rick Gates, the Trump Associates Charged in the FBI’s Russia Investigation?

October 30 The two arrests are expected to the be first of many in the FBI’s investigation.

What Will Our Lives Be Like as Cyborgs?

October 29 A case for embracing the “augmentation” of human minds and bodies

A New Type of Leader is Emerging in Silicon Valley

October 29 Steady and measured, but effective.

Facebook Thinks So Little of Us

October 28 The new 'Explore Feed' might not be worth exploring.

Nerds Rejoice: Google Just Released its Internal Tool to Collaborate on AI

October 28 The software works a lot like Google Docs