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Here's How to Actually Use the iPhone X

November 6 Without a home button, quite a few things are different.

How Racial Data Gets 'Cleaned' in the U.S. Census

November 6 The national survey offers more identity choices than ever—until those choices get scrubbed away.

What it Will Take to Keep Trump Tweeting From Behind China’s Great Firewall

November 6 While China’s massive censorship machine technically blocks Chinese citizens from using Twitter, there are ways around it.

Clothes Made From a Data-Storing Fabric Will Remember Pass Codes For You

November 5 "You can think of the fabric as a hard disk."

The UN Is Using Ethereum’s Technology to Fund Food for Thousands of Refugees

November 4 The blockchain technology could slash the costs of delivering aid.

Fate of Chief Data Officers Relies on Which Data Transparency Bill Passes

November 3 Two different versions of the OPEN Government Data Act are working their way through Congress.

Congress to Grill DHS Nominee, Former Yahoo and Equifax CEOs

November 3 And that evidence-based policy bill is moving through the House at a quick clip.

Advice From a Real "Woman of NASA," for Kids Who Dream of Working in Science

November 3 Words of wisdom from Margaret Hamilton who wrote the code who got us to the moon.

A Stray Dog Became the World’s First Cosmonaut 60 Years Ago Today

November 3 She was the first living being to leave the Earth’s orbit.

Even Trump Is Vulnerable to Internet Chaos

November 3 In the same day, the president of the United States and many local journalists both suffered the precariousness of life online.