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Three-Star General Wants Artificial Intelligence in Every New Weapon System

November 2 The department's Project Maven uses machine learning to go through drone video feeds but that's just the beginning, Air Force Lt. Gen. Jack Shanahan said.

Federal IT Reforms are Freeing Up Funds in an Otherwise Flat Budget Forecast

November 1 Obama-era federal IT reforms are starting to have an effect, but there’s a long way to go, analysts say.

Evidence-Based Policy Bill Would Require Chief Data Officers for All Agencies

November 1 A bipartisan bill pushes for more data to make decisions—and some new federal roles.

DHS Wants Tech to Scan Your Face as You Drive to Mexico

November 1 The department is opting for a faster procurement option for the technology.

Can Computers Read? They're Learning To

November 1 Recognizing letters, while an easy task for humans, proves tricky for AI.

GAO Says Cybersecurity is Top Concern for 2020 Census

November 1 The Census Bureau has only tested four of 43 systems needed for the 2020 Census.

Four Frightening Facts Facebook Disclosed at its Congressional Hearing

November 1 Questions from the senators were largely directed at Facebook.

3D Printing Has Gone Metal

November 1 The fourth industrial revolution may well be back on.

Lawmakers Back Down from Pushing NIST into Cyber Auditing Role

October 31 The cyber standards agency will now assist inspectors general in cyber audits.

These Driverless Cars Won't Rely on You in An Emergency

October 31 Taking the wheel won't be an option.