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MGT Act, Amazon Amendment Survive Defense Authorization Bill Conference

November 8 But not all the federal IT amendments made it through.

DHS Nominee Signals Continuity, Competence in Confirmation Hearings

November 8 Kirstjen Nielsen has the most extensive cybersecurity background of any DHS secretary nominee.

DHS Mulling Blockchain at the Border

November 8 An official struck a cautiously optimistic tone when discussing the decentralized ledger system.

Marissa Mayer Sounds Distraught Over Yahoo’s Massive Data Breach

November 8 Mayer hadn’t wanted to testify, declining multiple requests.

Uber to Work with NASA to Build Flying Taxis

November 8 Where they're going they won't need roads.

Senate Passes Anti-Sex Trafficking Bill with Newfound Tech Industry Support

November 8 A major industry trade group reversed its position on the controversial bill as companies come under in Russia investigation.

A New Analysis of 4-Year-Old Data Shows the EPA Is Ignoring a Lot of Toxins in US Drinking Water

November 8 PFOA, an ingredient in Teflon, is far more prevalent in American drinking water than previously thought.

DHS Cyber Info Sharing Focuses on Quantity Over Quality, IG Says

November 8 The department is sharing a lot of cyber threat indicators with agencies and the private sector, but only a handful are useful.

Watchdog: Agencies Find Old Development Habits Die Hard

November 7 Only four agencies had policies and processes in place to develop software in increments.

Farmers to Congress: We Need Broadband, Too

November 7 Agriculture and energy companies in rural areas want to find efficiencies with internet of things devices, but lack of high-speed access is a problem