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Sharing Election Threat Info with States Won’t be One-Size-Fits-All, DHS Says

6:06 PM ET Cyber threat information sharing strategies will vary state by state based on state preferences, a DHS official says.

Apple Responds to Face ID Controversy

5:48 PM ET The tech giant has a lot of questions to answer.

GSA, OPM Nominees Pledge to Build Public Trust Through Open Data Programs

5:15 PM ET Emily Webster Murphy, GSA administrator nominee, pledged to expand open data programs while Jeff Pon, OPM director nominee, said he promised to ramp up ...

This Tool Saves HUD Employees Weeks of Work

4:54 PM ET House of Urban Development Department employees would take days and even weeks to fulfill lawmakers’ requests until the agency launched CART.

A New iPhone App Finds and Protects All the Sexy Photos on Your Device

3:00 PM ET Artificial intelligence can help with this delicate problem.

A Big Employer Is Finally Addressing a Major Pain Point for Job Applicants

2:31 PM ET In the so-called war for talent, Johnson & Johnson is trying something unusual.

Hackers Stole Information on Windows Vulnerabilities from Microsoft in 2013

1:19 PM ET The theft occurred amid a string of attacks on other big tech companies like Apple and Facebook.

What Happens to Your Email After You Die?

10:54 AM ET What if you leave no will and people need to know what you wanted done with your stuff?

4 Ideas to Prevent the Next Equifax

October 17 Congress could create minimum breach notification standards, increase oversight and rein in Social Security numbers.

At High-Risk for Being Hacked? Google Offers Special Security Program.

October 17 Some users might want to stay extra safe.