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FBI Wants to Exempt Its Massive Biometric Database from Some Federal Privacy Rules

5:39 PM ET The database could include more than 52 million facial photos.

NSA Plan to Trash Employee Complaint Files Raises Concerns for Some

4:52 PM ET The move comes amid a legal battle about the potential improper disposal of whistleblower evidence.

Video: Inside This NASA Technology That Blocks Starlight

4:44 PM ET Throwing shade for science.

How IoT and Augmented Reality Will Disrupt Federal Tech

4:03 PM ET Such a future may only be a few years away, according to a new report.

Chinese Government Unveils ‘Security Robot’ to Squelch Riots

3:30 PM ET The robot performs automatic patrols and can shock people with an electric prod.

Developers Keep Leaving Secret Keys to Corporate Data Vulnerable on GitHub

2:55 PM ET The hackers who stole data on 50,000 Uber drivers in 2014 didn’t have to do much hacking at all.

Quantum Computers Will Break Today’s Cyber Protections, Scientists Say

May 3 True quantum computers don't exist yet, but cryptography needs to evolve for when they do, according to NIST scientists.

Video: Here are All the Countries That Ask Facebook for User Data

May 3 Which countries want to know what your status update?

Contracting Groups Blast 'Flawed' Approach to $17.5B Pentagon Contract

May 3 The groups take issue with the Pentagon’s choice to source the Encore III contract through the "lowest price, technically acceptable" selection process.