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Google Is Reportedly Working on an Actual Virtual Reality Headset

February 13 Currently, the company’s only foray into VR has been the Cardboard—a literal piece of cardboard that sells for about $20, which users can strap any smartphone ...

Obama’s War on Hackers

February 12 The federal action plan calls for a new commission, public service campaigns, and funds for replacing old, insecurable government IT.

Video: How to Turn Your Regular Watch Into a Smartwatch

February 12 Now, even analog watches can become a part of the Internet of Things.

DARPA Awards Contracts for See-Through-Walls Technology

February 12 The emerging tech agency appears to have made at least two awards for that program.

Encryption Debate: The Issue Isn’t Strong Crypto; It’s Easy Crypto

February 12 The encryption debate is poised to intensify this year.

NOAA’s Next-Gen Environmental Satellite One Step Closer to Launch

February 12 Next up is the environmental testing phase.

NASA's New Posters and the Retro Travel Ads That Inspired Them

February 12 The Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s new collection of throwback images are a dreamy celebration of technology and human curiosity.

Female Coders Are Rated More Highly Than Men—Except When People Know They’re Women

February 12 This only adds to the avalanche of research on gender discrimination within the technology sector.

Inside NASA's Isolation Chamber

February 11 For these NASA crew members, 148 cubic meters is all they will know for 30 days.

DHS Chief Promises to Expand Social Media Screening, Plans 'Aggressive' Rollout of Cyber Protections

February 11 Johnson talked social media, biometrics and cybersecurity at his annual State of Homeland Security address.