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Medicine at Forefront of White House Open Data Initiatives

3:38 PM ET For at least two projects, the impetus is personal as well as technological.

Army Racing to Catch Up to Russia On Battle Drones

3:32 PM ET After watching UAVs dominate eastern Ukrainian skies, the service is seeking counter-drone tech and new families of flying robots.

New Background Check Bureau Advances with Director, IT Plan

2:58 PM ET The National Background Investigations Bureau begins operations Oct. 1.

How To Ensure Trustworthy, Open Source Elections

10:56 AM ET From the perspective of voters, a trustworthy election is one in which they can be confident their votes have been counted as cast and their anonymity has been ...

First FedRAMP Accelerated Authorization Takes 15 Weeks

10:26 AM ET Microsoft Customer Relationship Manager Online received the first provisional authority to operate the Accelerated process in 15 weeks.

Should Facebook Fix This Security Bug if it Means Losing a Little Functionality and A Lot of Influence?

9:00 AM ET Facebook’s status as a top traffic referrer is a major source of its influence, as well its revenue.

Mark Zuckerberg Released Photos of Facebook’s Highly Advanced and Rather Dystopian-Looking Data Center

8:00 AM ET The company is using the Arctic air in its Swedish location to keep the servers in the massive building cool at all times.

The CIA Is Trying to Protect the Privacy Rights of Someone Who Doesn’t Exist

5:00 AM ET This fictional journalist is immune to FOIA.