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Government’s Sustainability Efforts Present ‘Big Data Opportunity’

October 30 A combination of recent federal policies and emerging technologies have the potential to significantly curb agencies’ energy spending.

White House Challenge: Make Our First 3-D Printed Christmas Ornament

October 30 You don’t even need a 3-D printer.

VA Eyes New Medical Imaging System

October 30 The new system will be built on commercial standards for viewing medical images, including X-rays, CT body scans and MRI brain scans.

Race is On for Defense Health Record – but VA Backs Out of Competition

October 30 Four teams of contractors are vying for the electronic health record system contract – and the $11 billion prize attached.

Why an Ebola Vaccine May Not Stop the Epidemic

October 30 The earliest human trials—that is, initial safety studies in small numbers of volunteers—are underway.

Are the White House Hackers Gone?

October 30 There's a possibility the unnamed attacker is still there.

Megan Smith Thinks Every Child Should Be Able to Code

October 29 The U.S. chief technology officer and former vice president of Google[x] believes the key to innovation is early STEM education.

Defense Mobile Update: BlackBerry Still Dominates

October 29 BlackBerry devices in use by the Defense Department total 85,000 -- 10 times the number of Apple and Android devices.

NSA Chief Warns Companies Against Revenge Hacking

October 29 "Hacking back" may be illegal, Michael Rogers said. But his advice doesn't apply to the agency he heads.

British Spies Allowed to Access U.S. Data Without a Warrant

October 29 Newly released documents from the British government reveal a lack of judicial oversight for how it sifts through communications data collected by the NSA and ...