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US Visitor Surveillance System Brings Some Solace to Families of MH17 Victims

January 30 A database that houses the fingerprints of almost all foreign visitors to catch terrorists recently was used for a different purpose -- bringing closure to ...

House Committee Demands Answers from CTO Megan Smith and HHS on Data Mining

January 30 The head of the House Space, Science and Technology Committee says he might call U.S. Chief Technology Officer Megan Smith to testify about potential ...

Rocketing into the Future: Can Containers Help Secure the Cloud?

January 30 A combination of rapid application installation and controlled access to the underlying system will provide developers and operations with capabilities they ...

A New Global Swarm of Weather-Sensing Satellites

January 30 Armed with tiny orbiting sensors, a startup plans to build the world's largest database of private weather data.

Government Privacy Board to Obama: Shut Down NSA Mass Spying Now

January 30 The White House has been quiet on surveillance reform since the USA Freedom Act crumbled in the Senate last November.

Amazon To Finally Announce How Much Revenue Its Cloud Services Bring In

January 30 The cloud service powers both the CIA and Netflix.

Managing Virtual Workers? Take a Page from Fantasy Football

January 30 The strategies to creating and managing a winning fantasy football team are just as effective when leading a very different group of players—the federal ...

Hackers Redirect Malaysia Airlines, Pop Taylor Swift’s Twitter Account, and Harass Autistic Teen

January 30 Just another week in ThreatWatch, our regularly updated index of noteworthy data breaches.

The Pentagon Accelerates Move to Cloud Computing

January 29 The proof is in the participation: The Defense Department’s latest cloud security guidelines received 800-plus public comments, the vast majority of them from ...

FCC Demands Faster Broadband

January 29 Republicans complain that increasing the definition of "broadband" is meant to justify power grabs.