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White House Cyber Force Has a $140,000 Opening

February 27 Our cyber defenders are always on guard. Take that, China.

GAO: Pentagon's IT Planning is Too Sluggish

February 27 GAO's third examination of the Defense Department's major IT programs found some projects spent an average of five years, two months and $452 million before ...

Is FCC Becoming Too Politicized?

February 27 In the wake of the historic net-neutrality decision, an independent agency is more polarized than ever.

Suits vs. Hoodies: The Two Cybersecurity Cultures

February 27 How a tense exchange between the NSA director and a Yahoo executive reveals the rift between D.C. and Silicon Valley

Car Keys and Nuclear Keys: Big Data and the Internet of Things

February 27 It will be up to the federal government to stitch together massive amounts of data into a comprehensible “nation of things.”

Industry’s Take on FITARA? ‘A Good Step Forward’

February 27 Yet, fixing a procurement system designed to build warships to buy modern technology is an ask that CIOs will find more complex than any single piece of ...

Will Fixing be Digital Team's First Priority?

February 26 Although overall e-government satisfaction improved, is still struggling, according to new research.

It’s Official—FCC Enacts Expansive Net-Neutrality Rules

February 26 Obama backed the controversial Internet regulations, but Congress and the courts will have their say.

Feds Dismiss Google's Fears Over FBI’s Hacking Power

February 26 Google’s claim that the expansion of search warrant authority is a “monumental” constitutional threat is grounded in inaccuracies, the Justice Department said.