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Heartbleed Means Users Must Reset Passwords

April 19 The online marketplace's homepage directs users to change their login information.

You Could Virtually Hover Over a Battlefield With Oculus

April 18 The virtual reality headset is ready for action, software exec says.

Hackers Scour Boob Job Records, Identify Anonymous, and Hold Up Nebraska Bank

April 18 Just another week in ThreatWatch, our regularly updated index of noteworthy data breaches.

Flagging Tweets Didn't Weigh Down Late Obamacare Enrollments

April 18 The White House drastically slowed its #GetCovered Twitter campaign after March 31.

NASA Found the New ‘Earth-like’ Planet Using Old Data

April 18 Kepler Space Telescope found a lot of data before it malfunctioned in 2013; scientists are now going back through it.

How the U.S. Is Vulnerable to Terrorism in Space

April 18 The possibility of a dangerous space incident is on the rise, says a new report.

Our Mars Orbiter Looked Down and Saw Our Mars Rover

April 18 From space, the U.S. Curiosity rover looks scarab-like.

What Somalia’s New Internet Looks Like From Silicon Valley

April 18 Internet providers rolled out fiber optic connections in nation’s capitol, Mogadishu.

Three Things Federal CIOs Say About CIO Authority

April 17 It can be undone from above and below.

Wikipedia Is Better Than Google at Tracking Flu Trends

April 17 Google's algorithm based on search queries overestimates cases.