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Evaluate Aspiring Cyberwarriors Using Gaming, Not Grades

9:22 AM ET Former Navy Secretary wonders why federal recruitment focuses on formal education, when computer security positions require on-the-job learning.

The Most Valuable Data on Earth?

9:18 AM ET That’s a pun. Here’s the White House plan for Earth data.

Hackers Exploit MH17 Sorrow; Redirect Online Tributes to Malware

July 21 Fake Facebook pages set up for crash victims are driving traffic to pop-up ads on external sites.

New Surveillance Whistleblower: The NSA Violates the Constitution

July 21 A former Obama administration official calls attention to unaccountable mass surveillance conducted under a 1981 executive order.

Senate Bill Mandates Study of Nuclear-Arms Storage Sites

July 21 The legislation would require the Pentagon to study how to modernize facilities storing U.S. nuclear warheads.

Is There a Place for Google Glass in Hospitals?

July 21 Medical professionals say the device could be helpful, but patient privacy is still a concern.

NOAA Moves a Step Closer to More Accurate Weather Forecasts

July 21 The magnetometer is the fifth main instrument to fly aboard the first Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite.

Bonusland: Nuke Waste Dump Contractor Awarded $1.9M after Fire

July 21 Energy Department cites “excellent” performance.

Hackathon Aims to Spread Global Information to North Korea

July 21 The Human Rights Foundation hopes to bring more information inside the very high, guarded walls of North Korea.

Significant Deficiencies Found in Treasury’s Computer Security

July 21 Weaknesses could cause disruption of key operations at bureau that manages federal debt.