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EXCLUSIVE: New Aims to Consolidate Your Passwords

6:01 PM ET, other federal sites will accept universal credentials starting this fall.

VA Lays Groundwork for Private Health Care

5:24 PM ET The agency wants the private sector to manage a key part of project.

White House Introduces New Class of Innovation Fellows

4:51 PM ET Private sector whizzes to spend a year on government problems.

Who Didn’t Win a Piece of This Army Infosec Deal?

4:38 PM ET The winners include 11 large firms tapped for $5 billion in contracts and 10 small ones whose slice of the pie is valued at $2.1 billion.

FBI's Facial-Recognition Technology Goes Live

3:46 PM ET Next-gen facial-recognition technology has arrived, despite concerns from privacy groups.

Mikey Dickerson: No Paper Pushing at US Digital Service

3:43 PM ET The head of the U.S. Digital Service is taking a fix-it first approach to his office.

Lawmakers Seek Todd Park Subpoena Over Security

2:45 PM ET Panel charges White House involvement in Obamacare website woes.

At These Tech Companies, the Biggest Office Perk is Getting Rid of the Office

12:43 PM ET Allowing employees to work from anywhere makes it easier to focus on the work itself.

What is the NYPD Doing on Twitter?

12:29 PM ET New York's Police Department is getting training on how to gain followers and influence on Twitter.

First of its Kind Venture Capital Fund Pumps Millions into GovTech Startups

9:00 AM ET The GovTech Fund has raised $23 million and invested in four companies.