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State Department Wants to Compile Cybersecurity 'Playbook'

4:31 PM ET World-class industry expertise is needed for planning tactics to block and perhaps strike back at hackers.

GSA Ponders Slashing 2-Year Experience Requirement for IT Contractors

4:25 PM ET The agency is also considering eliminating a requirement for a spot on the Schedule 70 that potential contractors must have at least two years' corporate ...

What Congress Can Learn from the Military About Cybersecurity

2:54 PM ET As it stands, the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act won’t much improve information-sharing. Here's how to change that.

VA Official: New, Streamlined '' Coming in November

2:08 PM ET The new hub is scheduled to go live on Veterans Day -- Nov. 11 -- of this year.

Here’s What OPM Is Offering to Protect Hack Victims from Blackmail

7:19 AM ET Hint: It’s not $330 million worth of ID protection services.

Video: Who Envisions a Future with Self-Driving Cars?

September 2 Not everyone is excited about a driverless future.

Teams in NASA’s Latest Challenge Compete to Have Their Inventions Sent into Space

September 2 NASA has completed the first round of its first space-based competition.

Should Government Use 'Dark Web' Data to Warn Industry about Planned Attacks?

September 2 Tipping your hand could be a really bad idea.

NASA Creates New 'Self-Healing' Material

September 2 Hurtling through the endless void of space in a thin aluminum can as debris zips around in every direction may have just gotten a little safer.