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Todd Park Subpoenaed to Testify on Security

September 17 Panel says new emails contradict former CTO’s previous statements.

Air Force Video Selfie Winners

September 17 Airmen get personal in video selfies

US Official: Chinese Want NSA Cyber Schools. Really.

September 17 The offer of shared cybersecurity training comes at a time when both countries are exchanging accusations of hacking each other’s trade secrets. Still Vulnerable, GAO Says

September 17 Site is still vulnerable today, watchdog says.

DOD to Provide Command and Control for West Africa Ebola Mission

September 17 U.S. plans to spend $800 million to battle epidemic.

The US Will Spend $6.8 Billion Hiring Boeing and SpaceX to Build New Spacecraft

September 17 The United States will go from space hitch-hiker to the proud owner of not one but two viable space craft in 2017.

Attention, Defense Contractors: You've Been Hacked

September 17 China committed about 20 cyberattacks across a year-long period on defense contractors, according to a newly declassified Senate report.

Is NSA Planning to Beef up Cyber Response Capabilities?

September 17 A confident Adm. Rogers says the NSA remains popular with the people it spied on

IT Worker Wanted For $40 Million Nigerian Bank Hack

September 17 Accomplices allegedly came on premises disguised as maintenance staff.

Secret Docs: US Argued Yahoo Couldn't Defend Users' Privacy

September 17 The documents offer insight into the legal maneuvers the US government has used to argue against any challenges to its right to surveil.