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The DNC Email Leaks Could Be Payback From Russia for American Meddling in Foreign Elections

1:35 PM ET For a quarter century, the US has sought to strengthen democracy in former Soviet countries such as Georgia, Ukraine, and Kyrgyzstan.

EPA Tests the Future of Public Comments

1:34 PM ET 18F helped the agency build a system that lets citizens comment on specific paragraphs of proposed rules.

FBI Director: Time to Discuss Encryption Before 'Something Terrible Happens'

1:34 PM ET "At some point, encryption is going to figure into a major event in this country," Comey said.

Feds Can Ride Uber on the Government's Dime, Obama Administration Decides

12:26 PM ET GSA issues guidance clarifying federal policy on ride-sharing companies.

Time to Stop Hitting the Cyber Snooze Button on US Infrastructure

7:00 AM ET There’s nothing special about the U.S. power grid that would protect systems from cyber terrorists.

Should Secret Service Protect Emails of Future Presidents?

July 27 Until there is some type of specific intrusion, like the alleged DNC hack, there is nothing the government specifically does to help prevent hack attacks ...

Professionals Across the Globe Agree: Governments Don’t Invest Enough in Cyber

July 27 And one in three thinks the cyber shortage makes their organizations more vulnerable to attack.

NASA to Contractors: Hey, Do You Have $10M Worth of Our Stuff?

July 27 ​The U.S. space agency wants to make sure its government property is accurately accounted for.

Trump's Plea for Russia to Hack the US Government

July 27 The Republican nominee publicly asked a foreign government to leak emails from a cabinet secretary, dismissed the Geneva Conventions, and seemed confused about ...