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Video: Google's Plan to Kill the Password with a 'Trust Score'

3:33 PM ET No more using "123456" as a password.

OPM’s Troubled IT Upgrade Project on Track to Get Millions More in Funding

2:10 PM ET A new watchdog report finds funding for the project remains an issue in part because of poor planning by the agency.

Homeland Security Wants Its Own Contract Vehicle for Agile Services

2:00 PM ET DHS is considering making its own agencywide contract, like GSA’s Agile BPA.

Digital Spring-Cleaning TIps to Help Speed Up and Secure Your Devices

12:00 PM ET IT experts say it’s good practice to refresh your digital spaces at least once a year.

Researchers Say Using Your Smartphone Excessively Gives You Faux-ADHD

11:39 AM ET Less than a decade after the introduction of the first iPhone, more people reach for their smartphones first thing in the morning than reach for coffee, a ...

Pentagon Is Building Massive Hub of Insider Threat Data

9:45 AM ET Some civil liberties advocates say the system could create a culture of mutual suspicion that silences whistle-blowers.

White House Issues Cyber Framework for Protecting ‘Precision Medicine’ Patient Data

9:20 AM ET Personalized treatment means gathering lots of PII.

Video: How to Use Your Phone Instead of a Card at the ATM

May 26 A slightly quicker way to get cash.

He Said-She Said Controversy Over Who Discovered the OPM Hack Is Apparently Solved

May 26 Lawmakers have been investigating the controversy since last year.

Congressman: Why Is The White House Exempt from Federal Cyber Rules?

May 26 The Executive Office of the President hasn’t submitted a FISMA audit since 2009.