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How Much Will Today’s Internet Outage Cost?

11:00 AM ET Some companies lose tens of thousands of dollars for every minute of a DDoS attack.

Timing Glitch in DATA Act Makes It Impossible for IGs to Meet Reporting Deadline

October 21 Agencies won't have spending reports ready until 2017, so watchdogs get extension on reviewing those reports.

Video: Charging the Federal Government Up About Electric Vehicles

October 21 The Energy Department is developing ways to encourage adoption of electric vehicles.

IRS Needs to Physically Secure Its Computer Rooms

October 21 An IG report finds IRS needs to update physical access procedures to restricted rooms.

Agencies Can Now Buy Through GSA’s Cyber SINs

October 21 The agency announced 15 vendors have been approved for the new cyber-focused special item numbers.

New 3-D-Printed Hand Simultaneously Makes Fingerprint Scanners More Secure and Vulnerable

October 21 Replicating a whole hand to crack open biometrically sealed vaults is no longer just the stuff movies are made of.

Denying Trump’s Denial, US Intel Chief Says There’s More Evidence of Russian Hacking

October 21 The nation’s top intelligence official says “forensic and other” evidence prove Russian election interference.

DOD Wants You to Hack the Pentagon Again and Again

October 21 The department is prepping a contract vehicle for bug bounty programs.

Air Force Doesn’t Know How to Test Its Future Robotic Wingmen

October 21 How do you surprise a drone that can revise its strategy hundreds of times in an eyeblink?

A Computer Watched the Debates. It Thought Clinton Was Happy and Trump Was Angry and Quite Sad

October 21 Grad students built an application that "watches" the debate, captures a video frame every 5 seconds and spits out a score on how confident it was that it ...