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Hackers Spy on Federal Investigator, Get Into Harvard Illegally and Email Themselves School Secrets

6:00 AM ET Just another week in ThreatWatch, our regularly updated index of noteworthy data breaches.

Pentagon Contractors Ranked Below Retailers and Banks When it Comes to Cybersecurity

July 5 Pentagon suppliers score below hacked retailers and banks on cyber defense, according to industry-developed metrics.

Q&A: Why Congress is Jumping on the Open Source Bandwagon

July 2 Ben Balter, chief executive for code repository site Github, talked with Nextgov about last week's announcement.

Why Americans Don’t Trust the Government to Safeguard Their Data

July 2 Many consumers do not have much faith in federal agencies keeping their personal information safe, according to a new report.

After the OPM Breach, It’s Time for IT Organizations to be Accountable

July 2 Modernized technology and formal standards like FISMA won’t be enough -- mindsets must change, too.

DHS Alerts Public to OPM-Related Phishing Scams

July 1 Emails claiming to come from the agency and contractor CSID might be after money, U.S. secrets or both, say experts.

VA CIO: OPM Breach Is a Lesson for All Employees

July 1 VA defends against 55,000 new malware variants every day, according to the agency.

Is the White House Skirting Governmentwide Cybersecurity Rules?

July 1 The White House’s unclassified networks were breached by hackers last fall.

How Do We Stop Artificial Intelligence from Overpowering Humans?

July 1 Legislation could help protect humankind before AI dominates the world, experts say.

Data-Driven Government? Not Yet. Feds Still Manage by Hunch

July 1 In a true data-driven culture, leaders need to be willing to rethink their plans and perhaps even change course based on what the data says, according to EPA ...