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Video: Don’t Fall for These Common Smartphone Battery Myths

November 30 These misconceptions might have you running for your charger.

Senator Labels OPM Breach a ‘Federal Fumble’ of 2015

November 30 “The federal government still does not know -- and may not know for years to come -- the extent of the damage done by the massive OPM breach,” the report ...

Revamping IRS Electronic Fraud Detection Could Waste $18 Million a Year

November 30 A new Treasury audit found the IRS planned to run the new and old systems simultaneously.

Will Social Media Mavens Take Leave of Absence to Help TSA Tweet Better?

November 30 TSA is on the hunt for a few good social media experts willing to devote six months to boosting the agency's customer service social media campaign.

The Internet Isn't Available in Most Languages

November 30 Despite all the hype about how it has connected the world, the web is more insular than you might think.

Months After Huge Hack, OPM Finally Completes IT Inventory

November 30 The agency is still cleaning up from the breaches it announced this summer.

Out of the Mouths of Bots

November 30 What building a robot in a person's image can reveal about identity and humanity

Leaked Pentagon Bomber Data, Scoop Up Toy Company Details on Kids, and Pinch Credit Cards from Wisconsin Resort

November 30 Just another week in ThreatWatch, our regularly updated index of noteworthy data breaches.

Decrypting the Encryption Debate

November 30 The ability to encrypt and use cyphers to hide messages from unauthorized readers goes back at least as far as Roman times.

Secret DHS Audit Could Prove Governmentwide Hacker Surveillance Isn’t Really Governmentwide

November 25 The intrusion-prevention system, named EINSTEIN 3 Accelerated, garnered both ridicule and praise following the OPM hack.