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TechFAR Hub Aims to Clear Up Buzzwords Like 'Agile' and 'Open Source'

5:02 PM ET USDS and OMB's procurement policy office collaborated on the TechFAR hub.

Video: The Crazy Tech Airports Use to Track Your Luggage

4:59 PM ET It's a journey just to start the journey.

DISA Wants $9M to Fast Track Cyber Innovations

4:41 PM ET The agency's Rapid Innovation Fund is pursuing “mature prototypes” of cybersecurity technologies that could be operationalized within two years.

Why Federal Agencies Won’t Take Up the Internet of Things Anytime Soon

3:50 PM ET A new report suggests leadership vacuums and lack of an IoT strategy could hinder adoption.

Obama Establishes Cyberattack Response Chain of Command

2:34 PM ET For years, there has been confusion in the private sector and internally among agencies about who's in charge when hackers hit the homeland.

CIA Director: Open Source a ‘Tremendous Advantage’

1:40 PM ET Combining data sets offers a clearer picture of an event, John Brennan said.

Army Assessments of Contractors’ Past Performance Fall Short

1:14 PM ET Pentagon watchdog says evaluators didn’t understand criteria.

Hackers Can Spy on Wireless Keyboards From Hundreds of Feet Away

12:02 PM ET There’s a gaping security hole in eight popular models.

Police in Michigan Are Trying to 3D-Print a Murder Victim’s Fingerprint to Unlock His Phone

11:59 AM ET The technology requires more testing before it can be deployed.

A Quick Guide to the Jihadist Communications Toolkit

9:00 AM ET A new report documents how extremist groups’ use of secure digital tools software has evolved.