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Feds Use New 3-D Printer to Create Bomb-Sniffing Artificial Dog Noses

October 20 Dog noses have about 50 times as many olfactory receptors as humans.

The Number of Industries Getting Classified Cyberthreat Tips from DHS Has Doubled Since July

October 20 The banking, chemical, water, information technology and transportation sectors all recently joined.

Is the Chinese Government Hacking Every iPhone in the Country?

October 20 China has an estimated 100 million iPhone users, and all of them could be vulnerable

This Tech Giant Thinks Silicon Valley’s Diversity Problem is Overstated

October 20 He cites that demand for talent is so high, that any logical company will go anywhere to get it.

Mobile Devices Will Transform How Government Fieldwork Gets Done

October 20 IPads and iPhones can do more than make field workers more efficient in creating reports and reducing paperwork.

Navy Will Get Its Microsoft Cloud Email from Dell in $2.1M Deal

October 20 The Navy sees hundreds of millions of dollars in savings over the Next Generation Enterprise Network.

Intelink Sets Up Ebola Website

October 20 Effort is focused on open source reporting.

FCC Wants to Upgrade Your Phone to 5G

October 20 The agency is looking into the next generation of wireless technology, which could make phones a thousand times faster.

Facebook Scolds Federal Authorities Over Fake Account

October 20 The social network accused DEA of threatening "the integrity of our community" by pretending to be a New York woman on the site.

Corrupted Ads Hijack Viewers of Popular YouTube Music Video

October 20 "Ransomware" hosted on a hacked Polish site then tries to hold the user’s computer hostage.