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Government Will Actually Spend $330 Million to Protect Victims of the OPM Hack

9:14 AM ET The initial $133 million contract award covers only one year of ID protection services.

5 Months after Detecting OPM Hack, Officials Begin Protecting 21.5 Million Victims At a Cost of $330 Million

September 1 In announcing an initial $133 million award to I.D. Experts for protection services, U.S. officials said they proceeded with caution to ensure they do not ...

How This Wireless Company is Beefing up Mobile Security in a New Way

September 1 Say hello to hardware that keeps your phone safer.

White House Names Facebook Alum Its First Product Director

September 1 America’s executive branch continues to build out its digital organization.

Here Are the 10 'Shadiest' Web Domains On the Internet

September 1 Don't click on links ending in ".zip" or ".kim," a new study recommends.

Federal Agencies Vie for Spot at South by Southwest Tech Conference

September 1 Ideas have been submitted by two intelligence agencies and smart-car experts from the Transportation Department.

The Warship of the Future: Lasers, Holograms and 3-D Printed Drones

September 1 If you thought the battleship era faded after World War II, just wait a few decades.

States Pass Drone Laws in Droves

September 1 These laws could potentially clash with future federal regulations.

Using a Computer or Mobile Device Could Shave Years Off Seniors’ Mental Age

September 1 Another reason to not believe in the frequent claim that smartphones are making us dumb.

DHS Switches on Retooled Virtual Fence Along Arizona Border

September 1 Border Patrol has been watching videos of potentially suspicious activity from sensor-studded towers for two weeks.