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White House Thinks Data Could Keep Many With Mental Illness Out of Jail

1:37 PM ET Amazon, Esri and other tech companies are also on board.

As Term Winds Down, Obama Signs FOIA Reform Bill

12:28 PM ET The president plans to promote a "release to one is a release to all" policy.

Why the Modern-Day Government Should Focus More on Big Data Curation

12:21 PM ET The public sector's data management efforts needs to shift away from warehousing.

When Algorithms Take the Stand

12:00 PM ET A case soon to be decided by the Wisconsin Supreme Court considers the proper role of mathematical prediction in the courtroom—and beyond.

Can the Freedom of Information Act Be Fixed?

11:00 AM ET President Obama signs into law a much-needed update. But will it change anything?

Everything You Need to Know About the Bitcoin ‘Halving’ Event

10:00 AM ET It could rattle the entire bitcoin system—its price, its stability, and its future.

A Tesla Fatality and the Future of Self-Driving Cars

9:00 AM ET The Model S’s Autopilot isn’t technically a driverless feature, but the federal investigation into why a driver using it was killed will still influence the ...

After Istanbul, Here’s How Airport Experts Want to Protect You at the Curbside

8:00 AM ET The bombing in Turkey show that the U.S. still has a lot of security softspots.

Video: Bill Nye Explains How Not to Get Lost in Space

6:00 AM ET The Juno spacecraft is very close to its destination.

The Intelligence Community Will Monitor Wearables to Find the Perfect Spy

June 30 The new program will measure each volunteer's biometric signals during their daily activities, according the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Agency.