Nextgov - What's Brewin's New in Defense ITen-usTue, 22 Jul 2014 13:14:40 -0400VA Still Mulling Timeline for New Scheduling System IT officials are still hammering out details for the overhaul.Bob Brewin, Government ExecutiveTue, 22 Jul 2014 13:14:40 -0400 - What's BrewinActing Veterans Affairs Secretary Sloan Gibson Jose Luis Magana/AP File PhotoBonusland: Nuke Waste Dump Contractor Awarded $1.9M after Fire Department cites “excellent” performance.Bob BrewinMon, 21 Jul 2014 12:30:43 -0400 - What's BrewinFirefighters practice responding to a simulated incident involving a WIPP shipment during an exercise.Energy DepartmentSo, Which Agency Needs an Executive Chef with a Top Secret Clearance? how many recipes are classified Top Secret?Bob BrewinWed, 16 Jul 2014 16:47:07 -0400 - What's BrewinKzenon/Shutterstock.comA Tip for VBA: Don’t Try to Spy on Congressional Staff would be comical if it was not tragic.Bob BrewinTue, 15 Jul 2014 12:41:55 -0400 - What's BrewinRep. Jeff Miller, R-Fla., chairman of the House Committee on Veterans' AffairsJ. Scott Applewhite/AP File PhotoPentagon 1992 Memo Detailed Information Warfare Strategy for corruption of enemy systems.Bob Brewin, Government ExecutiveMon, 14 Jul 2014 17:11:02 -0400 - What's BrewinDonald Atwood was Deputy Secretary of Defense from 1989 until 1993.Defense Department file photoOn the Trail of the Elusive ‘Contractor Sustainment Re-vector’ for a plain English explanation.Bob BrewinThu, 10 Jul 2014 17:44:12 -0400 - What's BrewinLockheed Martin's Advanced Extremely High Frequency satellite is used by the Air Force.U.S. Air ForceMarines Eye Big Brother Commercial Vehicle Tracking System of the goals is to improve vehicle operator performance, track and protect USMC assets.Bob Brewin, Government ExecutiveWed, 09 Jul 2014 15:28:46 -0400 - What's BrewinKeith Bell / Shutterstock.comHouse VA Committee Eyes VA eBenefits Mess would look at the hundreds of thousands of unprocessed eBenefits claims.Bob BrewinTue, 08 Jul 2014 16:22:11 -0400 - What's BrewinVeterans Affairs DepartmentHow I Celebrated July 4 in 1965 beer after hitting the beach in Da Nang.Bob BrewinThu, 03 Jul 2014 12:07:07 -0400 - What's BrewinBob Brewin served in the Marines in Vietnam.Courtesy of Bob BrewinHappy 70th Birthday to Original GI Bill marked the anniversary of a landmark law.Bob BrewinMon, 23 Jun 2014 15:49:28 -0400 - What's BrewinFDR signed the bill in 1944.AP file photoVets Shortchanged on PTSD Treatment By Staff Shortages significant number of veterans never received adequate care from the VA.Bob BrewinFri, 20 Jun 2014 16:46:10 -0400 - What's BrewinFlickr user qnrIntel Folks Want to Mimic Brain Circuits IARPA project focuses on next-gen machine-learning algorithms.Bob BrewinWed, 18 Jun 2014 14:59:46 -0400 - What's Brewinmajcot/Shutterstock.comFormer VA Health Chief Kizer Wants Secretary Job he can help the department mend.Bob BrewinThu, 12 Jun 2014 10:44:21 -0400 - What's BrewinWhite House Comms from Down Under requires “Yankee White” clearance.Bob BrewinWed, 11 Jun 2014 10:13:57 -0400 - What's BrewinBeware surveillance from down under.rickyd/Shutterstock.comAmtrak Eyes Broadband Wi-Fi DC-Boston will require a whole mess of access points.Bob BrewinTue, 10 Jun 2014 09:56:56 -0400 - What's BrewinJoe Boardman, Amtrak President and CEO Michael Perez/APVA Failed to Protect Critical Computer Systems, Audit Finds servers and networks lack vital security protections.Bob BrewinThu, 29 May 2014 16:10:24 -0400 - What's Brewinamaze646/Shutterstock.comSexual Harassment and Bullying at VA Phoenix Medical Facilities? investigating complaints.Bob BrewinWed, 28 May 2014 16:51:54 -0400 - What's BrewinThe Phoenix VA Health Care CenterRoss D. Franklin/APEven Air Force Fitness Centers Need a Tech System setup will allow secure, 24-hour access to gyms.Bob BrewinFri, 16 May 2014 14:13:37 -0400 - What's BrewinVereshchagin Dmitry/Shutterstock.comRemember the VA Replacement Scheduling Project? department cancelled that system in 2009 after spending $167 million and failing to deliver a usable product.Bob BrewinThu, 15 May 2014 15:44:17 -0400 - What's BrewinRetired Lt. Col. Kurt Kosmatka at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Washington.Charles Dharapak/AP File PhotoDid Cat Litter Precipitate the Nuclear Waste Dump Fire?, the organic variety is under scrutiny.Bob BrewinWed, 14 May 2014 16:31:34 -0400 - What's BrewinFeline toilet or fire hazard?xamnesiacx/Shutterstock.comIt’s Hard to Ban GPS Stations in Russia That Don’t Exist media outlets seem to be confusing the Global Positioning System with a NOAA system for monitoring earthquake activity.Bob BrewinTue, 13 May 2014 17:14:34 -0400 - What's BrewinRT reported Tuesday that Russia’s deputy prime minister, Dmitry Rogozin, plans to ban operation of U.S. GPS monitoring sites in Russia.Yves Logghe/AP file photoVFW Wants Accurate Reports From Vets on VA Health Care 1-800-VFW-1899 NOW!Bob Brewin, Government ExecutiveFri, 09 May 2014 15:40:09 -0400 - What's BrewinThe VFW hall in Bushnell, Illinois.Flickr user toby_d1Marines Enlist New Mobile News App -- But at What Cost? will manage news feeds and mashups.Bob BrewinMon, 05 May 2014 14:10:35 -0400 - What's BrewinLM Otero/AP File PhotoNote to VA: T-Mobile Isn’t the Only Carrier That Offers Wi-Fi Calling contracted with the company, saying it was the only provider offering the capability, but that’s not the case.Bob BrewinFri, 02 May 2014 15:15:18 -0400 - What's BrewinSteve Helber/APHey, Let’s Integrate All Airborne Systems me a realist or a cynic, but I'm not sure this DARPA plan will work.Bob BrewinThu, 01 May 2014 16:11:57 -0400 - What's BrewinA U.S military jet flies over Vilnius during the LithuanianMindaugas Kulbis/AP