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How to Make Your Smartphone Battery Last Longer When the Power Goes Out

August 31 In an emergency, a charged phone can save a life.

Lawmakers Worry Hospitals Are Abusing Telehealth for Financial Gain

August 30 One medical center was found to be enrolling patients in a virtual health care regimen, potentially for financial incentives.

Google Finally Admits You Don’t Need Special Hardware for Augmented Reality

August 30 The tech company officially killed the idea of special sensors for AR phones.

Uber Decided It Won't Track You...As Much

August 29 The ride-sharing service is backtracking on a controversial location tracking feature.

Samsung Wants Your Behavior to Unlock Your Phones

August 29 The company has significant market share among Defense Department customers but plans to pursue civilian agencies.

Hurricane Harvey Leaves 190,000 Without Phone, Internet or TV Service

August 28 The Federal Communications Commission is tracking communication networks in the region.

How to Set Up Emergency Contacts On Your Smartphone

August 28 It's a small step now but could help immensely one day.

Using Twitter to Save a Newborn From a Flood

August 28 Search and rescue is evolving fast in the social-media age.

The Hidden Features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8

August 25 This phone won't explode.

Company Places Bounty on WhatsApp and Signal Bugs

August 24 Half a million dollars is available to the hacker who can crack into the encrypted messaging apps.