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Lawmakers Push Again to Mandate Mobile-Friendly Federal Websites

September 11 New federal websites would have to be easy to view on smartphones and other devices, according to a Senate bill.

New Phones, Apple Watches, and More: What to Expect at Apple’s iPhone 10th-Anniversary Event

September 11 The headline of the event, though, will be the launch of Apple’s next iPhone.

In Preparation for Hurricane Irma, Floridians Are Downloading These Two Apps

September 8 The apps let users turn their smartphones into walkie-talkies and track the best places to find fuel

Your Apps Are Making You Miserable

September 8 If you want to be happier, you might want to ditch your phone.

VA Needs to Better Track Teleworking Employees

September 7 The department needs to ensure employees are still processing claims in a timely and accurate manner, GAO said.

Alexa and Cortana Will Join Forces

September 1 Are two digital assistants better than one?

How to Make Your Smartphone Battery Last Longer When the Power Goes Out

August 31 In an emergency, a charged phone can save a life.

Lawmakers Worry Hospitals Are Abusing Telehealth for Financial Gain

August 30 One medical center was found to be enrolling patients in a virtual health care regimen, potentially for financial incentives.

Google Finally Admits You Don’t Need Special Hardware for Augmented Reality

August 30 The tech company officially killed the idea of special sensors for AR phones.

Uber Decided It Won't Track You...As Much

August 29 The ride-sharing service is backtracking on a controversial location tracking feature.