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Can Cops Force You to Unlock Your Phone With Your Face?

September 13 Apple’s new Face ID technology raises questions about constitutional protections for personal devices.

Here's How Apple Pay Will Work Without Touch ID

September 13 Facial recognition changes everything.

If You Value Your Privacy, Be Careful With Online Translation Tools

September 13 Some translation requests—including the text to be translated—might be indexed by search engines.

Five Privacy and Security Concerns About Apple’s New FaceID Facial Recognition

September 12 This technology is meant to be the successor to the iPhone fingerprint scanner.

Why the New iPhone Is So Important

September 12 As Apple unveils the latest version of the most successful consumer product of all time, two charts show the critical juncture the company faces.

Lawmakers Push Again to Mandate Mobile-Friendly Federal Websites

September 11 New federal websites would have to be easy to view on smartphones and other devices, according to a Senate bill.

New Phones, Apple Watches, and More: What to Expect at Apple’s iPhone 10th-Anniversary Event

September 11 The headline of the event, though, will be the launch of Apple’s next iPhone.

In Preparation for Hurricane Irma, Floridians Are Downloading These Two Apps

September 8 The apps let users turn their smartphones into walkie-talkies and track the best places to find fuel

Your Apps Are Making You Miserable

September 8 If you want to be happier, you might want to ditch your phone.

VA Needs to Better Track Teleworking Employees

September 7 The department needs to ensure employees are still processing claims in a timely and accurate manner, GAO said.