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Broadband Is Largely Inaccessible to Those Who Need it Most

September 19 Because of high prices and low accessibility, poor and rural communities are the least likely to subscribe to high-speed internet.

What Government Buyers Need to Know About Rugged Devices

September 19 There are lots of little nuances that buyers should know when evaluating rugged gear.

Ignore the Haters, Federal Social Media Gurus Say

September 18 Humor continues to be a key element of the CIA's social strategy.

A New “Snooze” Button on Facebook Lets Users Temporarily Mute a Friend, Page, or Group

September 17 Snooze offers a milder alternative to Facebook’s unfollow feature.

People Are Using Siri as a Therapist, so Apple Is Seeking Engineers Who Understand Psychology

September 17 You’re not alone in turning to your phone for existential guidance and serious, practical life advice.

NASA Engineer Sues Customs for Illegal Smartphone Search

September 15 A group of 10 people is suing Customs and Border Protection for searches they say violate their First and Fourth Amendment rights.

Can Cops Force You to Unlock Your Phone With Your Face?

September 13 Apple’s new Face ID technology raises questions about constitutional protections for personal devices.

Here's How Apple Pay Will Work Without Touch ID

September 13 Facial recognition changes everything.