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This App Helps Users Detect ATM Skimmers

October 2 Here's a new way to avoid a common scam.

Apple Is Looking Into Reports That Some iPhone 8s Are Falling Apart

September 30 These phones are coming apart at the seams.

Google Opens Up Parental Controls

September 29 The Family Link is now available for all concerned parents.

Hey FCC: Hurricane Victims Shouldn't Run Out of Cell Minutes

September 29 The case for making phone companies provide free service after disasters.

Amazon Introduces a New Collection of Smart Home Gadgets

September 28 The company aims to have an Echo for everyone.

7 Questions About Twitter's Doubled Character Limit

September 27 Why now? Why this? And will it make Twitter better?

Coming Soon: A Blockchain-Powered Smartphone

September 26 It will be just as expensive as an iPhone.

Pentagon Cuts Mobile Device Costs By Half

September 26 The mobility program's popularity drove down prices significantly.

You're Turning Off Wi-fi and Bluetooth Wrong

September 21 You could still be connected and not know it.