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What's Brewin: Powering Through

September 5, 2008 New (and old) radios, open communications and a satellite bridge support relief efforts after Hurricane Gustav.

Gustav response highlights Army's improvement in disaster communications

September 2, 2008 The service has turned to mobile command vehicles built from the ground up to coordinate better with first responders in the wake of Hurricane Gustav.

Bush administration vows Gustav response will be different

August 29, 2008 Preparing before the hurricane hits marks a major divergence from Katrina plans, agency officials say.

DHS unveils wireless radio for emergency response

August 27, 2008 D.C. public safety officials will test the technology, but are skeptical that wireless networks will remain open during disasters.

Democratic convention shows off technological prowess

August 22, 2008 AT&T expects to handle more wireless network traffic than any single event in its history.

Commission finds U.S. vulnerable to electromagnetic pulse attack

August 19, 2008 High-altitude detonation of a nuclear warhead would wreck havoc on communications and other infrastructure.

Defense radio project not practical or affordable, GAO says

August 18, 2008 Immature technologies, unstable requirements and aggressive schedules conspire to run up costs for joint tactical radios.

Only 30 percent of mobile computers found to be encrypted

July 29, 2008 Report recommends that OMB clarify its policies on encryption to help agencies comply with a 2007 directive.

Progress mixed on tracking IT equipment

July 22, 2008 Agencies are taking proactive approach to IT asset management, but lack proper funding.

Virtual Connections

July 10, 2008