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Satellite system won't see space anytime soon

April 20, 2010 Government Computer News

Consultants: Government is thirsty for foreign tech expertise

April 16, 2010 One caveat is small businesses based overseas must set up U.S. branches to qualify for such perks as set-aside contracts.

Army impressed by initial test of next generation radios

April 9, 2010 A central part of a plan to modernize brigades, radios will link units so they can transmit broadband data, including imagery.

White House gets its own EHR

March 31, 2010 Federal News Radio

Specter mulls fix to surveillance law to ban secret videotaping

March 29, 2010 Change prompted by allegations from a Pennsylvania family that school administrators monitored their son by using a secret webcam embedded in a ...

Army leaders detail modernization plans

March 26, 2010 Bulk of $3.2 billion budget slated for network equipment, unmanned air and ground systems, and sensors.

Health care reform bill targets technology to improve medical services

March 24, 2010 Funding included for development of primary care models that integrate decision support tools and remote diagnostics for both doctors and patients.