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Defense Intelligence Agency’s ‘Shark Tank’ Helps Startups Pitch Spy Apps

April 26 DIA analysts who like a product can launch a partnership on the spot.

Egypt Is Blocking Voice Calls Made Over Social Media Apps

April 26 The key reason is ostensibly security concerns, but there’s also a suspicion there are economic incentives.

Facebook's Account Recovery Changes Could Drastically Improve Your Online Security

April 20 Those security questions never were very secure.

You Can Now Buy the Brains Behind Amazon’s Alexa

April 20 The deep neural networks that power Amazon’s popular voice assistant are up for sale.

Inside Samsung's New Galaxy S8 Phone

April 18 Now with cool features and zero pyrotechnics.

Apps for Refugees

April 18 How technology helps in a humanitarian crisis

Facebook Really Wants Developers to Make VR a Thing

April 18 Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has pushed VR as the future of computing.

This Is Still the Best Way To Protect Your Accounts

April 17 Staying secure online just takes two steps.

Facebook Can’t Escape Mounting Evidence It’s Making People Miserable

April 13 A new study adds to the growing body of research on the fallout of our socializing online.

The Steady Rise of Digital Border Searches

April 12 At the current rate, customs agents are on track to increase inspections of travelers’ electronic devices by a third this year.