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China’s Sleeping Giant in the Global Artificial Intelligence Race

May 3 “Basically, anything you need to do online can be done through WeChat."

When Push Comes to Shove, How Quickly Will You Give Up Your Data for Convenience?

May 3 In the online world, it took us only a few years to get accustomed to the idea that firms can track our browsing behavior and predict our next steps.

The Internet of Things Needs a Code of Ethics

May 1 Technology is evolving faster than the legal and moral frameworks needed to manage it.

Google Is Testing Job-Search Feature That Could Rival LinkedIn—And Facebook

May 1 The search giant is also quietly working on a service called Google Hire, a tool to manage companies’ recruitment processes,

Slack Can Now Be Used as a Dating App—And That’s a Really Bad Idea

April 30 The messaging platform that’s taken over the lives of office workers, is about to become even more distracting.

How to Stop Services from Snooping on Your Gmail

April 26 Do you know who's reading your messages?

Defense Intelligence Agency’s ‘Shark Tank’ Helps Startups Pitch Spy Apps

April 26 DIA analysts who like a product can launch a partnership on the spot.

Egypt Is Blocking Voice Calls Made Over Social Media Apps

April 26 The key reason is ostensibly security concerns, but there’s also a suspicion there are economic incentives.

Facebook's Account Recovery Changes Could Drastically Improve Your Online Security

April 20 Those security questions never were very secure.