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Signal Jammers Stymie First Responders, and DHS Wants It To Stop

May 25 Though they're banned in the U.S., illegally imported jammers could delay emergency responders.

Apple Wants to Teach You How to Code Apps

May 24 Learn to code, the iPhone way.

The Galaxy S8 Iris Scanner Is Easily Hacked

May 23 Biometrics aren't necessarily hack proof.

How to Check if a Phone Is Lost or Stolen

May 22 Know before you buy.

Get to Know Android O's Latest Features

May 19 Android's new operating system is designed for convenience.

Pentagon Mapmakers Want To Tap Mobile Ad Technology. Here's Why.

May 19 NGA is scoping private-sector technology at incubators in Boston, Austin and New York.

4 Ways the Average Person Can Avoid Ransomware

May 19 Better safe than hacked.

At the Heart of Laptop Ban Debate, Officials Ask Which Is Worse: Bombs or Accidental Battery Fires?

May 19 Travelers flying from Europe to the U.S. won’t yet have to part with their laptops and tablets.

How Well Does Twitter Know You?

May 18 Here's how to find out.

Senate Staffers Can Now Use Encryption App Signal

May 17 The Senate embraces encryption once again.