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Survey: Feds Still Use Shadow I.T. to Do Their Jobs

July 14 Many federal employees turn to personal devices to boost their productivity, a recent survey found.

Keep Hackers Out of Your Netflix and Hulu Accounts

July 13 Only you can binge watch on your account.

Why Are Companies Trying to Make it Illegal to Repair Our Electronic Devices?

July 13 Users’ right to repair objects they own is in jeopardy.

These Scanners Could Let You Travel With Liquids and Electronic Devices

July 11 A San Diego-based company is in talks with TSA to test out a scanner that could search tablets and cellphones for explosives.

Did You Know Your iPhone Has a Mouse?

July 10 A quicker way to edit text.

Tech to Keep Your Home Safe

July 6 The internet of things to the rescue!

How to Solve Common iPhone Battery Woes

July 5 A charged phone can give you peace of mind.

NSA Updates List of Tech Ready For Commercialization

July 3 The agency's portfolio of technology focuses on challenges in big data, cyber, internet of things and mobility.

Could This Ring Solve Your Security Woes?

June 29 One ring to rule them all...

No One Could’ve Guessed Just How Important the iPhone Would Be

June 29 That phone, along with its successors and competitors, eventually upended how we communicate.