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Apple’s Next iOS Will Make AR a Legitimately Cool Thing

July 27 It may well cause you to question the very nature of reality.

Which Digital Assistant Reigns Supreme?

July 26 It's Siri vs. Google Assistant vs. Bixby.

Google Is Making it Easier for You to Only See What You Want To

July 26 Google’s latest update to its mobile search app may make such “filter bubbles” even harder to eradicate.

Google's SOS Alerts Can Help You During An Emergency

July 25 The tech company is helping provide citizens with important information through Google search results.

Big Banks Are Closing Branches and Investing in More Important Real Estate—Your Phone

July 22 More investment is being made in digital wallets.

It's Time to Update Your iPhone

July 21 Better safe than sorry.

5 States Sign Up for National Public Safety Network

July 21 FirstNet is underway, but lawmakers are still concerned about cybersecurity.

A Tiny Update to iOS 11 Will Make Apple’s AirPods So Much More Useful

July 20 Currently, Apple’s AirPods aren’t particularly useful for controlling sound.

How Twitter Fuels Anxiety

July 19 The anxious can often find a supportive community through tweeting, but the nature of the social media site can exacerbate symptoms.

Here’s What You Need to Know Now About U.S. Customs Searches of Your Phone

July 18 Data stored exclusively on the cloud is off-limits for now.