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To Make Your Phone Battery Last All Day, Follow These Four Simple Steps

August 1 As mobile phone users, all we want is enough battery life to last the day.

Apple Seems to Have Confirmed That Rumors About the Next iPhone’s New Design Are True

July 31 Will the new model be any different from the other high-end smartphone on the market?

Time to Choose a Password Manager

July 31 Using a password manager is just one way to increase personal online security.

TSA Announces Stricter Electronics Screening Rules

July 27 Time to travel with fewer electronics.

Apple’s Next iOS Will Make AR a Legitimately Cool Thing

July 27 It may well cause you to question the very nature of reality.

Which Digital Assistant Reigns Supreme?

July 26 It's Siri vs. Google Assistant vs. Bixby.

Google Is Making it Easier for You to Only See What You Want To

July 26 Google’s latest update to its mobile search app may make such “filter bubbles” even harder to eradicate.

Google's SOS Alerts Can Help You During An Emergency

July 25 The tech company is helping provide citizens with important information through Google search results.

Big Banks Are Closing Branches and Investing in More Important Real Estate—Your Phone

July 22 More investment is being made in digital wallets.

It's Time to Update Your iPhone

July 21 Better safe than sorry.