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Microsoft Is Fixing a Simple Reason Why Voice Assistants Are So Bad

August 22 The tech company hopes to smarten up our dumb bots by making a new dataset available to the public.

Take a Bite Out of Android Oreo

August 22 A new operating system should be all about the filling.

Banks Are Now Monitoring How Often Top Employees Sit at Their Desks—But That’s Not the Problem

August 21 Barclays claims the monitoring will determine how much office space the bank needs.

Almost Half of Traffic To Government Sites Comes From Smartphones and Tablets

August 16 Mobile devices account for about 43 percent of traffic to government sites.

Apple’s Next Big Moneymaker is Its Biggest Headache in China

August 11 A Beijing-based law firm said Apple has been engaging in monopolistic behavior.

Big Changes Are Coming to Microsoft Outlook

August 10 The email service gets a tune up.

Mine Safety Inspections Go Mobile

August 10 Inspectors are replacing the paper-based process with a smartphone and tablet app.

Are You Ready for the Big Changes Coming to the iPhone?

August 8 It's a smartphone makeover.

BlackBerry's New Phone Reminds You How Great Hardware Keyboards Can Be

August 8 Other than the keyboard, you might not recognize it.

DOD Opts for Android for Classified Tablets

August 7 The tablets are modified versions of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2.