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Google Introduces New Bug Bounty

October 20 Cash is waiting for hackers who can find any flaws in these Android apps.

Mash Up Library of Congress Data, Maybe Win $5,000

October 20 The Library of Congress launched a new data competition searching for new ways to use legislative data sets from

How to Unlock Your Door With Your Phone

October 19 Now your phone can be a new kind of key.

Apple Responds to Face ID Controversy

October 18 The tech giant has a lot of questions to answer.

A New iPhone App Finds and Protects All the Sexy Photos on Your Device

October 18 Artificial intelligence can help with this delicate problem.

At High-Risk for Being Hacked? Google Offers Special Security Program.

October 17 Some users might want to stay extra safe.

Why the Russia Fake News Scandal Hasn’t Touched Snapchat

October 16 Snapchat is deliberately much stricter than other social media companies about which news outlets it partners with.

Twitter's Harassment Problem Is Baked Into Its Design

October 16 Many women recently boycotted the social network, protesting its failure as a public sphere where all voices are welcome.

The KRACK Security Flaw Affects Everyone. Yes, Even You.

October 16 All devices connected to Wi-Fi are vulnerable, a security researcher says.

FirstNet Seeks Disaster Response Apps

October 13 Developers can submit their emergency response-themed apps for review for the networks' app store.