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Who Has the Best App in Government?

May 28 An FDA app used by food investigators to enter data while performing field inspections won "Best Business Investment."

FCC Wants to Make It Easier to Block Annoying Robocalls

May 27 The commission plans to tighten its rules on telemarketing.

What to Expect at Google's I/O Conference

May 27 Google takes on the Internet of Things.

NSA Tests Out Smartphones that Recognize Handwriting Motion

May 25 The National Security Agency has tested the use of smartphone-swipe recognition technology, according to the tool’s manufacturer.

Google Wants to Make Creepy Bunny Robots to Talk to Your Kids

May 23 Google’s patent application suggests it wants to build a device with cameras and audio sensors that could determine when someone is looking at it and follow ...

Video: Apple Now Has New Location-Tracking Powers

May 21 How the tech company is improving upon GPS for its users.

App Glitches Cost Agencies Millions of Dollars in Lost Productivity

May 20 From email to enterprise-resource planning systems, applications are often critical to keeping agency operations running along.

This Social Network Only Exists for Discussing the Weather

May 17 Thanks to digital broadcasting technology and IP-enabled cable boxes, viewers can interact with the hosts in real time.

Google's New Self-Driving Car Is About to Hit the Streets

May 16 Here’s everything you need to know about Prototype.