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Why the Mobile Industry Wants to Kill the Password

12:21 PM ET As data rather than voice or text becomes the big reason people use their mobile phones, networks want to extract more value from their users.

Some Smartphone Apps Have to Be Cleared by the FDA

March 4 Apps with a medical purpose need some approval

Google Playing Catch-up to Apple in Mobile Payments

February 25 Google’s relationship with the big U.S. wireless carriers is complicated.

Apple CEO Says Obama Needs to Embrace 'Privacy First' Philosophy

February 13 "If those of us in positions of responsibility fail to do everything in our power to protect the right of privacy, we risk something far more valuable than ...

US Government Requests for Information on Twitter Users Spike

February 10 Most of the time, the publishing platform gave officials what they wanted.

5 Lessons Government Can Learn From Hollywood About Video

February 10 Here's what federal organizations can take away from Tinseltown's experience with digital storytelling.

What My Hearing Aid Taught Me About the Future of Wearables

February 5 As human-enhancing technology becomes tinier and more advanced, the price of progress is complexity.

Wearables Bring New Sense of Fashion to Public Sector

February 5 There is a new generation of technology coming that will rock the boat in terms of how we live our lives and do our jobs within any industry – wearables.

Why the Router Needs a Re-Think

February 3 As anyone who has tried to set up a home wireless network knows too well, routers tend to use arcane software that requires user manuals and patience to ...

Cell Carriers Spend $45B in Auction of Wireless Frequencies

January 29 The astronomical figure shows just how desperate carriers such as AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile are for access to more airwaves to power their customers' devices.