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There’s a Good Chance You’re Reading This on a Damaged Mobile Device

5:00 AM ET 48% of smartphone users report that they are currently using a damaged device.

New Encryption Measures from Google and Apple Could Endanger Children, Eric Holder Says

October 1 Attorney general criticizes tech companies for locking the back door to user data.

No More Selfie Elbow? Drones Could Soon Be Snapping Your Self Portraits

September 29 This device, now in development, introduces a new way to use drones.

When Everything Works Like Your Cell Phone

September 29 When a thing connects to the Internet, three things happen: it becomes smart, it becomes hackable, and it's no longer something you own.

Apple’s New Predictive Text Apparently Reveals Passwords

September 25 The concern is that if anyone else gets hold of your iPhone, that person potentially could find and use all of your passwords.

When the Government Sends You a Text Message, Take Note

September 24 Local governments make better use of SMS.

Briefcases That Imitate Cell Towers Help Agencies Track Phone Calls

September 24 Law enforcement agencies around the country can track and monitor telecommunications thanks to an FCC-approved device.

Federal Regulators Force Shutdown of Fake Bitcoin-Mining Operation

September 23 At the FTC’s request, a federal court shut down Kansas-based Butterfly Labs, which had charged consumers thousands of dollars for out-of-date bitcoin computers.

Is the Tide Turning Against Federal Telework?

September 23 It’s time and attendance versus getting work done.

Five Reasons Why the Internet of Things May Already be Broken

September 23 There are some big obstacles before the internet of things can become a viable business.