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Agencies Get New Guidelines for OK’ing Apps

4:05 PM ET The new guide is aimed at preventing staff from both oversharing and inadvertently welcoming in hackers.

Is There Ebola on That Smartphone?

August 20 Swabbing an iPad with alcohol could erase data as well as germs.

Chart: Sectors with the Most iPad Activations

August 13 Who is activating iPads and who isn't.

The Real Reason You Can’t Text 911

August 8 Major cell phone companies are equipped to let callers text emergency call centers, but most states aren’t.

Turtle Power: Sensors Give Hatchlings a Chance in Hatteras

August 8 Park Service backs local North Carolina project.

DOT Plan to Make Skies No-Call Zone Might Cost Fliers a Pretty Penny

August 7 Airlines are opposing a ban on in-flight cell-phone calls—and they could make you pay for the right to travel in peace.

How to Make Virtual Conferences Work

August 6 Increased federal mobile use gives agencies an opportunity to further leverage Web and video conferencing tools.

The Republican Party Loves Uber

August 6 Touting the ride-share service as a beacon of free-market innovation, Republicans launched a “support Uber” petition Wednesday.

Turning Civic Interest Into a Call-to-Action

August 6 Is your local government missing a rare opportunity to activate engaged citizens?