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Video: Don’t Fall for These Common Smartphone Battery Myths

November 30 These misconceptions might have you running for your charger.

The Internet Isn't Available in Most Languages

November 30 Despite all the hype about how it has connected the world, the web is more insular than you might think.

Video: Improve Your iPhone Experience With These Widgets

November 23 Download these and become an iOS "power user."

The 911 System Wasn’t Built for Smartphones

November 19 It's hard for dispatchers to locate people reporting emergencies.

Your Phone Knows What You Watch on TV

November 19 Silverpush creates inaudible signals between devices to serve you more targeted ads.

NIST Names App Challenge Winners

November 19 First place went to an app that provides simple access to chemical species data.

This ISIS-Endorsed Encryption Contractor Says It Will Now Screen Who's Buying Its Services

November 19 The goal is to stop terrorists from using stolen credit cards bought off the online black market, and entering bogus physical addresses to register for ...

Why Restricting Encryption Would Not Have Prevented the Paris Attack

November 18 ... despite what intelligence officials from multiple countries are saying.

Senators Investigate Role of Encryption in Paris Attacks

November 18 Lawmakers want to know whether encryption allowed the attackers to keep their communications covert.

Video: Facebook Will Expand 'Safety Check' Feature Following Paris Attacks

November 17 The social media giant plans to widen the scope of the notification tool.