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Google Is Reportedly Working on an Actual Virtual Reality Headset

February 13 Currently, the company’s only foray into VR has been the Cardboard—a literal piece of cardboard that sells for about $20, which users can strap any smartphone ...

Video: How to Turn Your Regular Watch Into a Smartwatch

February 12 Now, even analog watches can become a part of the Internet of Things.

Video: These Simple Mistakes Could Cost You Your Gadgets

February 9 There are more ways to destroy your smartphone than just dropping it.

Video: A Look at the Impressive Tech Inside Super Bowl 50

February 5 The Levi's Stadium boasts 400 miles of cables, 700 security cameras and Wi-Fi boxes placed every 100 seats to ensure 70,000 attendees will be able to connect ...

What’s Missing in the Encryption, Privacy and Security Debate

February 3 There are four key considerations surrounding the secure design of mobile devices we should keep in mind in both a government and private sector context.

Video: This Device Connects You Even in the Middle of Nowhere

February 3 Wireless in the wilderness.

The Government Might Subpoena Your Toaster. Blame the Internet of Things.

February 3 Law-enforcement officials say they’re running out of ways to spy on criminals and terrorists. Maybe they’re not looking in the right places.

7 Steps to Faster Transformation in Government

February 2 The need for transformation in government is a constant.

Harvard Study: Criminals Aren’t Actually ‘Going Dark’ Using Encryption

February 2 Who needs to access encrypted text messages when law enforcement could listen in through a smart TV?

Video: Reselling Your Smartphone? Here's How to Do It Safely

February 1 Make sure that old iPhone or Android becomes a blank slate.