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The FBI's Secret House Meeting to Get Access to Your iPhone

2:09 PM ET The administration argues that encryption is making it difficult for police to catch dangerous criminals.

Defense Mobile Update: BlackBerry Still Dominates

October 29 BlackBerry devices in use by the Defense Department total 85,000 -- 10 times the number of Apple and Android devices.

The Future of Wearable Technology Sounds Kind of Awful

October 28 A new report out from the consulting arm of PricewaterhouseCoopers concludes that sooner or later wearable technology will catch on.

Cyber E-Book Turns Spotlight on Threat Vectors

October 28 The “Emerging Threats: Assessing 2014 Attack Vectors” explores the threat landscape for five different areas.

Why Some Agencies Want a One-Size-Fits-All Policy for Mobile Devices

October 27 There are no uniform BYOD security requirements for tapping into the cloud.

Why Your Smartphone Won't Be Faster Anytime Soon

October 27 Thanks to a lawsuit from TV stations, the FCC is delaying an airwave auction until 2016.

A New Tool in Humanitarian Relief: Texting

October 27 Understanding how Ebola is impacting the food supply is far easier when a robot is running the survey.

The Queen Is Now Tweeting

October 24 The official account had been building up to the tweet throughout the day, highlighting the 88-year-old monarch’s past technological milestones.

Will This Google App Really Reinvent Email?

October 23 Google’s Inbox is not an email app. It is a personal assistant, a tool for reminders, and a way to quickly scan incoming information all in one.

Ex-Wife of Former Cop Allegedly Used Mobile Spyware for ID Fraud Racket

October 22 Her secret cellphone recordings are evidence in the case against a one-time California local police commander.