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Virtual Classrooms Can Be as Unequal as Real Ones

September 26 Online courses are praised for their potential to make education accessible to everyone—but they’re leaving students behind.

Soon You’ll Be Able to Order Pizza by Chatbot

September 26 Pepperoni, please!

Quiz: Are You The One Letting Hackers into Your Agency?

September 26 It's easier to accidentally provide hackers access to networks than you might think.

One Day, Sensors Could Text You Directly If You're Near A Flood Zone

September 23 DHS is experimenting with flood sensors that could activate an emergency alert system.

Video: Tesla's Improved Software Interface

September 22 Update your car the way you update your phone.

Scientists Have Invented a Fabric that Powers Mobile Devices With Your Movements

September 21 Your phone inevitably runs out of juice when you need it most, but soon your clothes could keep personal tech perpetually powered.

Your Wearable Device Won’t Do the Thing You Desperately Want it to Do

September 21 If weight loss is your goal, a new study shows that you may be better without one.

Video: Google Targets Travelers With New Organizational App

September 20 Travelers who book plans with Gmail accounts can take full advantage of the new app.