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Pics or It Didn't Happen: The New Crisis of Connected Cameras

September 12 From celebrity nudes to Ray Rice’s domestic abuse to the ISIS bombings, an unresolved debate looms behind some of our biggest ongoing news stories.

Why QR Code Readers Could Replace Pen-and-Paper Signatures at Some Agencies

September 10 Verizon ID service makes it possible to ink contracts or access government watch lists by pointing phones at QR codes.

Sorry, Apple: Hong Kong Way Ahead with Mobile Payments

September 10 Travel, eat and park – all with the Octopus card.

FCC Hints at Expanding Net Neutrality Rules to Cell Phones

September 10 Under fire from liberals, the commission chairman hints at broader rules.

Army Eyes 4G Cellular Tech for Combat Communications

September 10 Could this be the beginning of the end for JTRS?

Will Apple Pay Convince You to Leave Your Wallet at Home?

September 10 Apple Pay isn't the first service to command your credit cards. Here's how it stacks up against other wallet eradicators.

App Exposed Flight Data of Japan’s Air Force One for Years

September 5 Flightradar 24 tapped into the public satellite feed of Prime Minister Abe’s supposedly-covert aircraft.

How Do Agencies Feel About iCloud?

September 4 Some federal agencies have given the personal cloud service a wide berth for years.

Feds Crack Down on Google Over Kids' App Spending

September 4 The company will pay $19 million for failing to stop children's spending sprees.

Introducing the World’s First National Digital Currency

September 4 Backed by liquid assets, the currency will initially rely on demand to dictate how much will enter the marketplace.