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Is the Chinese Government Hacking Every iPhone in the Country?

3:50 PM ET China has an estimated 100 million iPhone users, and all of them could be vulnerable

Mobile Devices Will Transform How Government Fieldwork Gets Done

2:08 PM ET IPads and iPhones can do more than make field workers more efficient in creating reports and reducing paperwork.

FCC Wants to Upgrade Your Phone to 5G

12:33 PM ET The agency is looking into the next generation of wireless technology, which could make phones a thousand times faster.

Getting Health Info to Low-Income Cellphone Users

October 17 The digital divide is shrinking; useful apps aren’t keeping pace.

Three Reasons Apple’s New Encryption Technology is a Good Idea (Even if the FBI Hates It)

October 17 The benefits of secure encryption far outweigh the costs of devices that "go dark" even when authorities have a lawful warrant.

How a Simple Note-Taking App Became the New Anti-Censorship Tool in China

October 17 Mainland internet users have been able to freely share commentary and stories about the protests on the app.

Your Smartphone Can Detect Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Rays. Here’s Why That Matters

October 16 When your smartphone detects a cosmic ray, it can share data with the researchers, allowing them to study the rays in more detail than ever before.

VA Plans to Build Nationwide High-Frequency Radio Network to Communicate During Emergencies

October 16 Network will cover more than 200 VA medical facilities.

Get Ready for a New Wave of Biometrics

October 16 A new Google study suggests there's hope for the once-futuristic technology that's gotten a bit... boring.

Meet the Inventors, Tinkerers and Entrepreneurs Behind the Drone Revolution

October 15 Many enthusiasts see a future in which drones could prove as transformational—and as popular—as the personal computer.