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Video: Google's Plan to Kill the Password with a 'Trust Score'

May 27 No more using "123456" as a password.

Digital Spring-Cleaning TIps to Help Speed Up and Secure Your Devices

May 27 IT experts say it’s good practice to refresh your digital spaces at least once a year.

Researchers Say Using Your Smartphone Excessively Gives You Faux-ADHD

May 27 Less than a decade after the introduction of the first iPhone, more people reach for their smartphones first thing in the morning than reach for coffee, a ...

Video: How to Use Your Phone Instead of a Card at the ATM

May 26 A slightly quicker way to get cash.

This iPhone Factory in China Is Replacing 60,000 Workers With Robots

May 26 The next time you buy a new iPhone, it’s possible it will have been made by a robot.

American Schools Are Teaching Our Kids How to Code All Wrong

May 25 No more teaching watered down content and using simple coding apps.

Siri and Other Digital Assistants May Be Leaking Your Questions

May 24 AI helpers like Alexa and Siri are useful, but they’re not smart enough to keep your questions private—at least not yet.

Your Spare Computing Power Could Help Fight Zika

May 24 Scientists are using a network called the World Community Grid to process huge amounts of data in an attempt to understand how to tackle the virus.

This Company is Poised to Dominate the Internet of Things Market

May 23 Most of the innovation on the so-called Internet of Things is locked up in patents held by the companies that make the innards of sensors and routers.

Chinese Government Pays People to Post Cheery Messages on Social Media

May 20 The public has long known about China’s internet propaganda machine, but until now details have remained murky.