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Census Plans 2016 Test Run to Experiment with New Tech Tools

6:15 PM ET Census is rolling out a handful of new options in 2020 designed to upgrade the decennial headcount for the digital age.

Video: How Android Phones Can Be Hacked With One Text

July 29 Why 95 percent of Android users are at risk.

Shadow IT on the Rise But Feds Unsure How to Tackle Security Risks

July 29 Many federal technology decision-makers say they see widespread use of shadow IT in their agency, but consider themselves Ill-equipped to handle its ...

The Future-Forward Cybersecurity Fix

July 29 The U.S. government is playing catch-up on security primarily because it has not been able to keep up with the advances in technology over the last decade.

The Slow Death of Google Plus

July 28 The tech giant announced it will be slicing out its social network from the rest of its services.

Video: Google Maps' Timeline Can Show Every Place You've Ever Been

July 23 The tech giant is rolling out a digital travel diary.

NIST on the Search for Innovative Mobile Apps

July 23 The Commerce agency's prize competition is to stimulate innovative solutions to advance how its data is being used.

Video: Getting to Know Google's Wireless Service, Project Fi

July 22 A potentially smarter way to connect your smartphone.

Your Butt-Dials Can Be Recorded, Federal Court Says

July 22 A federal appeals court said the recipients of butt- or pocket-dials are free to record what they hear.

How to Secure an Increasingly Mobile Federal Workforce

July 21 Adopting strong authentication by using derived PIV credentials may be an agency’s best and first line of defense.