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Pentagon Wants Its Own Secure Messaging System

4:50 PM ET DARPA is looking for small businesses to supply that technology.

Nokia Bets Big on the Internet of Things with $191M Acquisition

April 27 The company Withings makes a Wi-Fi-connected scale, air-quality monitors for the home, and smart watches and baby monitors.

Future Smartphones Will Tell You What’s Killing Your Plants

April 26 By amassing a huge library of leaf images, scientist are training computers to diagnose the diseases that threaten our food supply.

Video: 5 Shortcuts for Android Users

April 22 A simpler smartphone experience.

Here’s How Much the FBI Paid Hackers to Break Into that iPhone

April 22 FBI Director James Comey said on-stage at a conference in London the hack cost “a lot."

Uber Introduces Facial Scans to Reduce Driver Fraud

April 21 For all its improvements over traditional taxis, Uber’s safety features have been far from perfect.

The Cell Phone-Monitoring Agency You’ve Never Heard Of

April 21 The DHS subcomponent tracked cell calls during the San Bernardino attack last December.

Homeland Security Wants Government To Get Better at Mobile Security

April 21 A new document includes insights for chief information officers, business owners and developers.

Video: Inside the World's Most Secretive Startup

April 20 Magic Leap's virtual reality system may change computing entirely.

Apple Official Says Company Doesn’t Give China Access to its Source Code

April 20 China has asked for it though, according to Apple's top lawyer.