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BlackBerry Is About to Hit Bottom

March 26 BlackBerry’s turnaround strategy -- focusing on software as its smartphone business has declined -- has not been pretty. But the worst may be here.

The 4 Most Popular Federal Websites Aren’t Mobile Friendly

March 23 None of these highly trafficked dot-govs adhere to responsive Web design standards.

Using a Smartphone May Make You Smarter

March 19 Scientists have discovered at least one way in which the smartphone affects the brain positively.

Microsoft Is Phasing Out Internet Explorer

March 18 Say goodbye to the outmoded browser.

If You Use Firefox or Chrome, You're a Better Employee

March 16 Yet another reason to shun Internet Explorer

If First Responder Broadband Network Isn’t Working by 2022, ‘We Should be Shot,’ Program Director Says

March 13 Though the FirstNet team is now about 110 employees, it can take nine to 10 months to hire additional staff because of background checks and other regulations.

Clinton Office Says Email Was Secure, But Details Remain Elusive

March 11 “There are concerns about broadcasting specific technical details about past and current practices.”

CIA Is Trying to Hack Your iPhone

March 10 New Snowden documents reveal a decade-long CIA push to break Apple’s encryption protections.

What to Expect from Today's Apple Watch Event

March 9 It’s possible Apple could announce that a big number of apps—perhaps more than 1,000—will be available for launch.

Why the Mobile Industry Wants to Kill the Password

March 6 As data rather than voice or text becomes the big reason people use their mobile phones, networks want to extract more value from their users.