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Decision Time: Should You Upgrade to the New iPhone?

October 6 Are the 6s and the 6s Plus calling your name?

How US Intelligence Can Hack Your Smartphone, According to Snowden

October 6 Sending just one text can enable the UK and the US to furtively take over someone’s smartphone.

$460 Million CYBERCOM Contract Coming this Month; ‘Cyber Joint Munitions’ Help Wanted

October 5 The first job under the forthcoming contract to outsource all mission support involves a lot of digital munitions-making.

Video: It Might Get Easier to Make Payments with Your Mobile Device

October 1 Feel free to leave your wallet at home.

Americans Love Technology—but They Want Their Privacy Back

October 1 A new poll shows people have mixed feelings about the growing reliance on digital data in daily life.

20 Percent of Americans Say They Use Wearable Tech

September 30 Wearables are no longer just arm candy for tech geeks.

The 9-Point Federal Plan to Kill Cyberattacks with Mobile

September 30 In 2016, more government agencies will be using advanced strategies to thwart cyberattacks with a focus on mobile strategies.

Video: The Easiest Ways to Back Up Your Files

September 28 Not backing up your files is a huge risk. Stop it.

Don't Have Unlimited Data? You Might Want to Turn Off This New iOS9 App

September 28 Beware of a new feature called "Wi-Fi Assist".

UN Peacekeeping Needs Major Technological Update

September 24 For peacekeepers to be effective, they need up-to-date tech at their disposal.