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DHS Reveals Super Bowl Surveillance Techniques -- Sort Of

January 28 Agents will not be using sarcasm-detecting software they have expressed an interest in buying, the Secret Service said.

This Is What the Republican Plan for Net Neutrality Looks Like

January 22 GOP lawmakers are desperately trying to find a compromise on Internet regulation—but Democrats are in no hurry.

5 Tech Predictions You Should Actually Pay Attention To

January 20 January may be coming to a close, but the flood of predictions, forecasts, and prognostications for the year ahead hasn’t abated. Here are the important ones.

This Phone Company is Switching Sides in the Net Neutrality Debate

January 20 The move undercuts Verizon, AT&T, and Comcast in their battle against the FCC.

Regulations Meant for the Rotary Phone Still Govern the Internet

January 15 Virtually all corners of the Internet ecosystem are affected.

Will 1 in 10 Cars Sold in 2035 be Self-Driving?

January 14 In one survey 44% of US drivers said they would consider buying a fully automated car in the next 10 years.

Free Speech, Meet the Quadcopter

January 13 CNN's drone journalism Is just the beginning

Why Fewer Americans Are Googling Things

January 8 People who are coming online now are getting used to a world in which they go to apps rather than a browser to look for something.

The ‘Instant’ Internet of 2035: Virtual Worlds, Self-Driving Cars and Online Doctor’s Visits

January 7 The next generation of wireless devices could change everything.

Why Kenya is 10 Years Ahead of the US on Mobile Payments

January 7 How “good enough” gets in the way of innovation.