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Mobile Phone Metadata Could be a Lifesaver after a Disaster, but Privacy Concerns Linger

November 25 Unclear rules about sharing phone data with researchers hamper wider adoption.

Immigrants Use Social Networking to Prove Residency

November 21 Applicants have submitted check-ins at restaurants and movie theaters, parties and sporting events, to show they were in the United States.

Why Is Apple Gobbling Up a Quarter of the World’s Sapphire Supply?

November 21 The sapphire is used to cover the iPhone’s camera lens and fingerprint reader.

Are Federal Agencies Ready for Apple Pay?

November 18 In 2015, mobile payments will accelerate and constituents will expect federal agencies to support these alternative payment options.

Is Facebook Doomed?

November 18 The social network's future dominance is far from assured.

The FCC Plans to Increase Your Phone Bill to Build Better Internet in Schools

November 17 Federal regulators want to spend an extra $1.5 billion every year to boost Internet speeds. But consumers will have to pay for it.

Why We Need an ‘M-Government’ Movement

November 17 The time has come for governments globally to take a hard look at their capacity to provide effective mobile-oriented services.

The iPhone Case That Can Call the Police

November 11 A startup in Pittsburgh has designed a smartphone case and app to deter assault and help catch the attackers.

China Poised to Dominate E-Commerce by 2018

November 11 One of the factors that helps drive rising e-commerce sales is consumer confidence.

Americans' Share of Online Global Population is on the Decline

November 7 As more people access the Internet in more diverse ways, the established measurement systems for advertising and other analytics are becoming less effective.