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The Internet of Things Is Totally Unregulated, and That Might Have to Change

6:02 PM ET Experts have long warned of the imminent security problems with the so-called internet of things.

Human Rights Group Ranks Best and Worst Messaging Apps for Privacy

3:06 PM ET Microsoft, BlackBerry and Snapchat fared poorly in the rankings from Amnesty International.

Internet Shutdown Could Cost Ethiopia’s Booming Economy Millions of Dollars

October 19 Mobile internet remains down across the country since the government announced a six-month, nationwide emergency in early October.

Apple Scales Back its Autonomous Car Ambitions and Focuses on Creating Self-Driving Software

October 18 A project to develop an autonomous driving system will give Apple flexibility to partner with existing carmakers.

Video: What Chatting in Virtual Reality Looks Like

October 7 Oculus could change the way we do conference calls.

Video: Keep Facebook Messages Private Using End-to-End Encryption

October 6 You can also set a timer for messages to expire.

Why Google Is Building Its Own Phones Now

October 5 The company wants to beat Apple at its own game.

New Technology Lets You Transmit Passwords Through Your Body

October 5 It may sound sci-fi, but the invention is based on present-day tech.

Could Virtual Interviews Solve Government's Recruiting Problem?

October 3 A new survey finds about 43 percent of millennials think agencies should use social media in recruiting.