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Video: Top 5 Tech Tools Any Nerd Should Own

5:18 PM ET Tech aficionados are going to need more than a hammer and a socket wrench.

Feds: App Secretly Hijacked Phones to Mine Digital Money

1:29 PM ET The "Prized" app drained batteries and burned through mobile data, according to regulators.

Is it Time to Finally Get Rid of the Password?

12:35 PM ET The vast majority of users and organization still rely on passwords for protection from increasingly persistent cyberattacks.

E-Government Successes: In Singapore, It Takes Just Minutes to File Your Taxes

June 26 The island nation has recently started launching a wave of innovative e-government programs.

Pentagon Moves Ahead with Plan Allowing Personnel to Access Classified Info from Mobile Devices

June 24 The new mobile classified capability is one piece of the Pentagon’s Joint Information Environment plan.

Life-Saving 'Undo Send' Feature Now Official Part of Gmail

June 23 One of the most life-saving software tweaks ever invented.

Feds Urged to Investigate Uber’s Plan to Track Users

June 22 Privacy group wants FTC to step in to block changes to Uber’s privacy policy.

How Tech Companies Plan to Control the News

June 22 Keep a watchful eye on your newsfeed.

Video: Getting a More Tactile Virtual Reality Experience

June 19 This is what the new Oculus Touch and Rift feel like.

How Agencies Use Data To Understand How Humans Interact With the Environment

June 19 Officials in some agencies are thinking about harvesting data from the Internet of Things to help citizens.