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Video: The Mobile Web to Become Less Annoying Thanks to Google

August 26 Better browsing is coming soon.

How to Prevent Facebook from Drinking Up Some Personal Info on WhatsApp Users

August 25 1 billion users will have their phone numbers shared.

Update Your iPhone Now

August 25 Apple just released a patch that fixes three giant vulnerabilities in iOS.

Help FBI Catch Bank Robbers With Your Phone

August 25 The bureau launched a mobile app that lets users send tips about robberies.

The Internet of (Poorly Working) Things

August 24 So, how is it that we don’t have connected objects that just work?

We’ll Talk to Our Phones in the Future Because Our Fingers Are Puny and Slow

August 24 Speech recognition can finally keep up with the rate of speech.

5 Pop Songs That Can Teach Government Agencies About Launching Mobile Apps

August 24 Every agency should address these points to ensure their mobile strategy delivers the desired results.

When Should Vets Use Mobile Apps for PTSD Treatment? VA Wants To Know

August 23 The department is doing research on whether clinical psychologists can help.

Why Adopt IPv6? NTIA Wants Your Thoughts

August 19 The internet of things will necessitate faster IPv6 adoption.