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White House Cyber Commission May Endorse Security Ratings System for Software

June 24 Legendary Hacker "Mudge" expects to release results from security tests of 100,000 software programs as early as July.

CIO: FEMA To Pare Down Staff Devices

June 23 FEMA is also trying to ensure that staff can use the same devices both during emergencies and during quiet periods in between.

The New App That Could Revolutionize How the Postal Service Delivers Mail

June 22 A British startup is assigning a unique name to every meter of Earth’s surface. Should addressing systems be universalized—and privatized?

Welcome to the Internet of Things: Your Toaster is Watching You

June 21 Get ready for home appliances that track your movements and know what you want before you do.

Inside the Spy Mapping Agency's Virtual Reality Lab

June 21 Virtual reality is one tool the agency uses to offer analysts a real-world view of landscapes rocked by natural or manmade changes.

Video: Top 5 Hidden Features of iOS 10

June 20 A new operating system comes with new secrets.

Video: Apple Opens Up Siri to Developers

June 14 The tech giant has given an open invitation.

Video: Millions of Twitter Accounts Allegedly for Sale

June 13 It's time to change your Twitter password.

France Launches New Terror App

June 9 With millions of sports fans expected to fill multiple venues during the Euro 2016 Soccer Championship, the French are beefing up security.