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How This Wireless Company is Beefing up Mobile Security in a New Way

September 1 Say hello to hardware that keeps your phone safer.

Using a Computer or Mobile Device Could Shave Years Off Seniors’ Mental Age

September 1 Another reason to not believe in the frequent claim that smartphones are making us dumb.

What Can the Postal Service Learn from Uber?

August 31 The Office of the Inspector general suggested apps for mobile payment, and for scanning packages and paying for their pickup.

Video: Meet Buddy, the Robot that Will Help Protect and Connect You

August 27 A lot of high-powered tech, wrapped up in an adorable package.

2 Easy Steps to Improve Privacy Policies

August 26 OK, they’re not so easy. But they would save us from the eternal amend-then-freak-out cycle

Video: Geronimo Is a Cooler, Faster Way to Read Your Emails

August 25 A flick of the wrist takes you to the next email.

Future Technologies Must Be Designed to Free Us From our Screen Addiction

August 24 Every digital experience is self-aware, tweaking and customizing itself to be better, more enticing—to suck users further in and increase its all-important ...

Shadow BYOD Runs Rampant at Federal Agencies

August 20 Many federal employees may be ignoring the rules around using personal devices for official work, according to a new poll.

Video: Apps to Train Your Brain

August 19 How to work out the most important part of your body.

A Digital Rat Brain Could Power Future Smartphones

August 18 Rather than a traditional computer, these computer chips are designed to work like neurons.