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Update Your Apple Devices Now to Fix Terrifying Security Bug

July 21 Hackers could grab your passwords just by sending you an infected iMessage.

Here’s How to Stop Pokemon Go From Destroying Your Phone’s Battery

July 19 You can't catch 'em all if your phone is dead.

Microsoft Exec to Government: Use Part of $3.1B IT Fund on Analysis

July 15 The company’s CTO of federal, Susie Adams, says agencies need to spend some modernization money on prioritizing projects.

Pokemon Go Could Bolster Brain Health - If You Weren't So Distracted by the Game

July 15 This app still has some of the same problems of other video games.

Video: 5 Tips to Speed Up Your Mac

July 14 Get things done faster.

Biggest Problem With Email? It’s Way Too Convenient

July 14 The average business user sent and received 122 business emails per day in 2015.

What If Cameras Stopped Telling the Truth?

July 13 New technology to block photography at concerts hints at an alarming future for smartphones.

DHS Looks for Ways to Protect Mobile Devices

July 13 The agency is thinking harder about securing its own smartphones and tablets, including from apps that might activate the microphone or camera to eavesdrop, or ...

PokemonGov: What Government Agencies Are Saying About Pokemon Go

July 12 Gotta catch 'em all... but be careful on federal property.

Why Virtual Health Care Won't Work for Everyone

July 12 The idea of "going to the doctor" is changing.