Emerging Tech

Google Is Banning Cryptomining Extensions from Chrome Store

You'll have to figure out a different way to mine for Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Emerging Tech

Americans Say They’re Ready For Robots To Deliver The Mail

A survey conducted by the Postal Service Inspector General polled citizens on how they would feel if a robot delivered the mail with—or instead of—a human.

Emerging Tech

AI Experts Want Government Algorithms to Be Studied Like Environmental Hazards

They also believe automated decision-making systems should be continuously monitored.


Trump Homeland Security Adviser Bossert Resigns

Bossert was instrumental in developing the administrations cyber policy.


The IRS Is Stopping Fewer Fraudulent Returns. And That’s A Good Thing.

The agency had identified only about $46 million in phony refunds as of late February.

IT Modernization

Coast Guard to Adopt Defense Department’s Electronic Health Records

The U.S. Coast Guard will go with the Defense Department’s MHS Genesis health records program, the same option currently being considered at Veterans Affairs.

Emerging Tech

Mark Zuckerberg Says He’s Not Resigning

In an interview, the Facebook CEO tells The Atlantic he’s not walking away from the company, but he is looking for outside expertise.


This Pentagon Paper Explains Why the Trump Administration Is Reining In Tech Trade with China

The newly released paper describes how technological progress fits into China’s long-term strategic plans.

Emerging Tech

Energy Department Offers $1.8 Billion to Dethrone China in Supercomputing

The department plans to develop at least two exascale supercomputers that would be more than 10 times more powerful than today’s reigning supercomputer.


If You Traded Crypto on Coinbase, the IRS Might Be Coming For You

Some of the top-earning users traded over $20,000 on the exchange in a single year.

Emerging Tech

The Era of Fake Video Begins

The digital manipulation of video may make the current era of “fake news” seem quaint.


Here’s What Lies Ahead for the Citizen Service Landscape

Intelligent virtual assistants and artificial intelligence will transform the future of federal contact centers.


Deterring Russian Hacking Will Take More Than Latest Sanctions, Experts Say

The sanctions aim to pressure Russian oligarchs to pressure Putin in turn, but it will be a long time before behavior changes.

IT Modernization

All Bid Protests Must Be Submitted Online Starting in May

The Government Accountability Office expects the system to be more efficient.

Emerging Tech

FDA Wants Tech Companies To Help Shut Down Opioid Sales

The agency believes that tech companies aren't doing enough to combat online drug sales.