How This Wireless Company is Beefing up Mobile Security in a New Way


Say hello to hardware that keeps your phone safer.

You want your smartphone to be as secure as possible, right? Qualcomm is working to make sure of that, right down to your phone's hardware. 

Devices featuring the company's new Snapdragon 820 processor will feature Snapdragon Smart Protect, a service which helps secure smartphones against malware and user data leaks.

Because the functionality of the service is on a hardware level, it can better detect suspicious app behavior: for example, if app accesses parts of your phone you didn't grant it permission to, such as your camera or microphone. It can also see if your phone is pushing out data without user interaction.

Qualcomm will provide the platform to mobile manufacturers in an API kit and users could see the service on devices as soon as early 2016.

To see Snapdragon Smart Protect in action, watch the video below from CNET

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