Powering Down?

A group of information technology companies are asking federal employees and contractors to shut off their computers, monitors and printers before they head home today. HP, Intel and Citrix are sponsoring the Power IT Down Day to draw attention to green computing -- and the green solutions the companies offer. The companies will donate a portion of the cost savings to the American Red Cross of the National Capital Area.

As of early this afternoon 2,691 people had signed up to commit to turning off their IT devices. That translates into savings of 34,983 kilowatts, according to the Web site. Since the average American household uses about 10,000 kilowatt hours a year, according to the Energy Information Administration, that's enough saved electricity to power about 3.5 households for a year.

Two questions: How many of you leave your computer, monitor and printer on 24/7? And do you plan to turn it off before heading home today?