Considering a new job?

Maybe you are and you don’t know it.

Monster has released a new book: Finding Keepers. It is full of good tips for recruiting and attracting the best candidates. Feds need to change the dynamic when recruiting and consider new ways to gain talent in the organization. Networking and discussion among colleagues is often a terrific source of potential job candidates. In Finding Keepers, Monster reveals that there are many more folks willing to change jobs than have been originally estimated. It has been viewed that about 20 percent of the workforce are actively looking for new opportunities, and 80 percent are passive, or not looking. However, Monster finds this scenario:

About 30 percent of employees are Settled Loyalists - they “claim allegiance to current job and employer” and are “difficult to recruit.”

About 11 percent are Poised Loyalists â€" they “claim allegiance but have a lower personal barrier to switch.”

And, about 59 percent are Poised Opportunists â€" they “are clearly open to the next opportunity to change” and “many are actively looking.”

This research clearly impacts traditional agency recruiting techniques.

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